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Free Live Tracker Client

August 17th, 2009

Skylab has released a software, LiveTracker mobile client, for abtaining locations among BBers. And we are interested in this practical software. Here are brief introduction of LiveTracker mobile client and the link for download. Always remember to boost up your BlackBerry with us and to enjoy BlackBerry life.1

The LiveTracker mobile client can be installed on any BlackBerry® mobile phone and sends out location data to our Skylab GPS server.

* Free: No hooks or hidden fees for personal use.
* Worldwide GPS: works all over the world.
* Background Tracking: just works – 24/7.
* Remote Control: start/stop tracking by SMS.
* Easy Sharing: Send tracking links via EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS.
* Live Web Tracking: View location on maps.
* Live Desktop Tracking: 3D world tracking. (soon)

Mobile Details


* Free Download: LiveTracker Mobile is available for free non-commercial use – download.
* Free Tracking Server: For storing tracking data we maintain a tracking server – for free.
* Background Tracking: Start LiveTracker and it sends the GPS location to our tracking server.
* Automatic Tracking: On device startup GPS tracking can be fired up automatically.
* Remote Control: Start and stop GPS tracking on your device by sending an SMS.
* Share Location: Send EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS, Twitter message to your location’s map representation.
* BETA TEST: Due to the early stage of this application please report any bugs to us. Thank you.
Tracking and Sharing Demonstration – BlackBerry®

LiveTracker Mobile
Tom is tracking himself and shares his location with Greg via email.

3 Greg received an email from Tom and can see his buddy’s location.



Click here(OTA URL) to download this fantastic Live Tracker.

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