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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers TOUR 9630 (2)

August 13th, 2009


Here we go the second part of the Omnihandbook of TOUR 9630. Enjoy!

Camera and Video
• NOTE: Depending on your BlackBerry® device,
the camera or video camera feature might not be supported
• Take a picture—Press the Right Convenience Key
• Change the flash mode for a picture or to turn on low-light mode for a video—Press the Space key

• Pause a song or video—Press the Mute key
• Resume playing a video or song—Press the Mute key
• Play the next song in a category—Press N

• Play the previous song in a category—Press P

• Play the previous song in a playlist—Press and hold the Volume Down key

• Play the next song in a playlist—Press and hold the Volume Up key

• Pan up in a picture—Press 2

• Pan down in a picture—Press 8

• Pan right in a picture—Press 6

• Pan left in a picture—Press 4

• Return to the center of a picture—Press 5

• Zoom in to a picture—Press 3

• Zoom to the original picture size—Press 7

• Zoom out from a picture—Press 9

• Zoom to the original picture size—Press 7

• Rotate a picture—Press L

• Fit a picture to the screen size—Press 1

• Insert a period (.) in the web address field—Press Space key

• Insert a slash mark (/)in the web address field—Press the Shift key + Space key

• Stop loading a web page—Press the Escape key

• Close the browser—Hold the Escape key

• Switch between Column view and Page view—Press Z

• Zoom in to a web page—Press I

• Zoom out from a web page—Press O

• Turn on support for JavaScript—Press J

• Move to a specific web page—Press G

• Return to the home page—Press H

• Open the bookmark list—Press K

• Add a bookmark—Press A

• View a list of web pages you’ve recently visited—Press Y

• Refresh a web page—Press R

• Follow a link, highlight or pause on the link—Press the Enter key

• Move up a screen—Press Shift key + Space key

• Move down a screen—Press Space Key

• Move to the top of a web page—Press T

• Move to the bottom of a web page—Press B
• NOTE: For shortcuts to work in Day view,
in the general calendar options, change the Enable Quick Entry field to No

• Schedule an appointment—Press C

• Change to Agenda view—Press A

• Change to Day view—Press D

• Change to Week view—Press W

• Change to Month view—Press M

• Move to the next day, week or month—Press Space key

• Move to the previous day, week or month—Press Shift key + Space key

•Move to the current date—Press T

• Move to a specific date—Press G

• Insert a period—Press the Space key twice – the next letter is capitalized.

• Capitalize a letter—Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears

• Type an alternate character on a key—Hold the Alt key + the character key

• Type an accented or special character—Hold the letter key + roll the trackball left or right (For example, to type ü, hold U and roll the trackball to the left until ü appears)Release letter key when accented or special character appears

• Type a number in a number field—Press a number key.You do not need to press the Alt key

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