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Free App : Foyage – your personal radar

September 15th, 2009

There has been some crazy growth for RIM in Indonesia in the past year. According to the Asia Times there are now 350,000 BlackBerry users which is up 550% from last year! With a population of 240 million that is a lot of potential for RIM. Especially considering the fact that the iPhone has a paltry 15,000 users. Now it makes sense why RIM was jumping through so many hoops to get recertified to import BlackBerrys.

With that said  it would be prudent to mention a new app called Foyage that was brought to our attention. :) Foyage is an LBS (Location Based Services) application that only works in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) and Singapore. The app helps you find services and shops near your location including more than 12.000 restaurants, ATM, petrol kiosk and many more in Indonesia and Singapore.

3SpotDetail_thumb 2Spotlist_thumb 3SpotDetail1_thumb

Features include:

  • location aware
  • latest updates/review from users
  • browse wide range of categories
  • detail information with rating, photo, phone number and map
  • upload your review, photo or comments and share it with other foyagers
    foyage_staticmap.jpg_thumb foyage_category.jpg_thumb foyage_favorite.jpg_thumb

The app is a free download here

Have fun !

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