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Free Application ShowEventLog for BlackBerry!

September 13th, 2009

ShowEventLog is a new free app for Blackberry devices that displays your devices event log. This type of tool is vital if you’re running into system lock ups or unusual application errors.

For quite some years we know that the BlackBerry has an event log where all sorts of applications write stuff into. That event log can be opened with a certain shortcut. However, this is quite cumbersome as you have to remember that shortcut and then the shortcut even changes sometimes. It is one on full QWERTY keyboards, but another different one on SureType and another one on touch screen devices like the Storm. Quite confusing…

Now you can download a simple little app which opens the event log. By just clicking an icon the event log comes and no-one needs to remember silly shortcuts anymore! The best thing: that app is free!

ShowEventLog  Images

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* Easy log startup.
* No key combinations need to be typed.
* Works perfectly on touch screen devices.
* Look up program output if some app does not work properly.
* Easy installation.

Once installed, ShowEventLog will display as a small notepad-style icon. Running the appplication displays all of the recent event information.

Have fun!

Free Download: ShowEventLog for BlackBerry

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