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Free App SignalLoc 1.0.1368 for BlackBerry

March 14th, 2010

signalloc-blackberry SignalLoc description

SignalLoc captures and displays details about your network connection and location.

SignalLoc captures and displays details about your network connection and location.
* Displays network information such as signal level, services supported, cell site identification, channel and, if supported by your device and network, the latitude and longitude of the current cell site. Currently only CDMA networks provide the location of the cell site and the carrier supplying the device must not lock the location-based services. I.E. Sprint works, Verizon does not although a Sprint handset roaming on the Verizon network WILL show cell site location information.
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Service Indicators:
V Voice
D Data
R Roaming

MDS MDS Connectivity through BES
WAP WAP Connectivity through carrier WAP
DOP Data Service Operational
DSUSP Data Service Suspended
Cell Site Id:
CDMA: SystemID-NetworkID-BaseStationID
GSM: RoutingAreaCode-LocationAreaCode-CellID-BaseStationId
Network Details screen provides all available information for the network and cell site.
* Displays GPS information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, course and speed. If cell site location is also available, the course and distance from your current location to the cell site is also displayed.
* Both internal and BlueTooth GPS units are supported. Basically, if Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps can use a device, so can SignalLoc. For Verizon handsets, you will get location information using a BlueTooth GPS, you MAY get location information from the internal GPS if you have VZNavigator, otherwise you’ll get no location information.
* Can display locations in BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps.
* Can save cell site and location info as they change. Each change of cell site can be automatically saved and the user can configure how often to take a current location snapshot nased on distance travelled.
* Exports cell site and location info in KML or CSV format that can be easily imported to Google Earth and other mapping programs, spreadsheets, etc. The data can be exported to the clipboard or a media card.
* Displays device information such as battery strength, voltage, temperature, flash and ram statistics.
* User selectable Imperial or Metric units.

· BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or greater

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