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How To Download Ringtones to a Blackberry 7100I

March 3rd, 2010

The BlackBerry 7100I is a smartphone cell phone that is manufactured for the Sprint network. As with most smartphones, the BlackBerry 7100I features a microSD memory card storage slot. This is extremely advantageous for users who want to download their own ringtones to their cell phone because with a microSD memory card, they can do so without having to incur any text messaging charges. With the appropriate adapter, you can download ringtones to a BlackBerry 7100I completely free of charge.

Step 1: Slide the microSD memory card inside the microSD memory card USB adapter, and then plug the USB adapter into your computer’s USB port.

Step 2: Locate the ringtones that you wish to download to your BlackBerry 7100I. Drag and drop the ringtones to the "Sounds" folder of your microSD memory card.

Step 3: Unplug the USB adapter from the computer, and remove the microSD memory card from the USB adapter. Insert the microSD memory card within the microSD memory card slot located on your BlackBerry 7100I.

Step 4: Access your BlackBerry’s memory settings. Click the "Menu." Click "Settings." Click "Memory." Click "Card Memory."

Step 5: Open the "Sounds" folder. Scroll to the ringtone you wish to download to the BlackBerry 7100I. Click "Options." Click "Move to Phone." Repeat for each ringtone you wish to download to the BlackBerry 7100I.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add pictures and music to the phone in the same manner, but place pictures in the "Pictures" folder and music in the "Music" folder on your microSD memory card.

  • Make sure you put the ringtones in the "Sounds" folder because they will not transfer to your BlackBerry 7100I correctly if you don’t.

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