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How to Watch TV for Free on a BlackBerry

March 24th, 2010
There are a several different ways of watching TV on your BlackBerry, but many of them require paying for software, tedious downloading, and are not completely reliable. Viuvision is a mobile phone website that provides free and easy access to various TV programs from your BlackBerry, with only a few steps.


Step 1: Click on the icon that looks like the earth; it’s located on your BlackBerry’s desktop.

Step 2: Type "www.viuvision.com," into the BlackBerry’s browser.

Step 3: Agree to the terms, then click on the TV Icon that you wish to watch and wait about 30 seconds for it to load. The low-bandwidth options include "Cartoons," "C-Span," "BroBible" "Classic Movies," and "Classic Martial Arts." The medium bandwidth option offers a few more channels: "Medical" and "NASA."

Tips & Warnings

You cannot access www.viuvision.com from a desktop or laptop computer, it must be from a mobile phone with Internet access.

Viuvision offers iPhone channels as well, but you cannot access them with your BlackBerry; nevertheless, your BlackBerry has access to all of the same channels.

If you choose the low bandwidth option, the program will be less likely to "buffer," or stop sporadically, but the picture will not be as clear. The medium bandwidth option will be more likely to buffer, but will provide a clearer picture.

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