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Google Search Updated to v3.6.13; Google Sync Updated to v0.7.2

March 25th, 2010

google-mobile-app-blackberry-email-search I guess Google likes to kick out all of their updates at once. Yesterday we noted that the Google Voice app had been updated, and it appears that both the Google Search and Google Sync got a jump as well. The Google Search app now sits at version 3.6.13 and is said to be working on the Storm now. This app lets you easily search mail and contacts on your device. The Google Sync app has been updated to 0.7.2. No word of whats new, but as in the case of the others, most likely just some minor bug fixes. Hit the links below from your device to download.

Free Talk to Text App from Microsoft and Yap on Sprint

March 25th, 2010

talktotext_blackberry_sprint Talk-to-Text is a free app that lets you talk your emails and SMS rather than type them. The application was developed by Microsoft using Yap’s speech recognition service and is available to all Blackberry users on the Sprint network. While I haven’t personally tried it, I have tried other apps with Yap’s speech recognition technology. Yap does a good job of translating speech to text and this app is worth a download if you drive a lot.

Download App for BB(4.5):Required resolution 240×260
Download App for BB(4.5):Required resolution 320X240
Download App for BB(4.6.1):Required resolution 320X240
Download App for BB(4.6.1):Required resolution 240X320
Download App for BB(4.6.0):Required resolution 240X320
Download App for BB(4.6.0):Required resolution 480X320
Download App for BB(4.6.1):Required resolution 480X360
Download App for BB(4.7.1):Required resolution 480X360
Download App for BB(4.7.0):Required resolution 480X360

Blackberry Curve Vs. Blackberry Storm

March 25th, 2010

A BlackBerry is a wireless mobile device created by the company Research in Motion. BlackBerry devices come in various styles and models, including the BlackBerry Curve and the BlackBerry Storm. These devices vary in their size, features and design, and they are supported by select cell phone service providers.


    The most noticeable difference between the Curve and Storm lies in the keyboard feature and set up. The Curve offers the standard QWERTY keyboard, similar to those found on computers and typewriters. The Storm is a touchscreen phone with only four buttons on the device. The four buttons on the Storm, which can also be found on the Curve, are the "Call," "End Call," "Options" and "Return" keys. These keys are the most used on such devices.

Supported Carriers

Most phone carriers make various models exclusive to their network. As of spring 2010, the BlackBerry Storm series is only available through Verizon Wireless, a Code Division Multiple

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Download the Free Official Live Timing App for BlackBerry Smartphones!

March 24th, 2010

CBS-Sports-Tourney-blackberry CBS Sports Tourney lets you follow the CBS Sports Tourney Live Scores, Real Time Tournament Bracket, Box Scores, Breaking news headlines.
Get FREE complete coverage of all your favorite sports – College Basketball, NBA, NHL, and more!
To download, just visit from your BlackBerry’s web browser. The app is free of charge, but you will need to register at to take advantage of the app all season long (you can use the app for one race weekend without having to register). At 1.1 megabytes it’s a fairly heavy app by BlackBerry standards (I’m sure F1 fans won’t mind!), but from the few minutes I’ve spent on it so far it seems to be a well-built app. The true test will come once the cars hit the track though.

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Spring into Spring with BlackBerry Apps

March 24th, 2010

spring_logo You stand there, staring into the cold eyes of your adversary. For months they have been taunting you and now, in their fall from grace, they attempt to deny their fate. You approach your foe with a renewed confidence- the last snowman of winter. You watch as he slowly melts away and imagine hearing its silent screams. With its last moments, it defiantly raises its arm/branch and flips you the bird before fading away.

Folks, welcome to Spring!

Okay so it was a little over dramatic, but you try growing up with Winters where your nostrils stick together every time you breathe. Love it or hate it, Winter is gone and Spring is here. It’s a season of new beginnings and with that, new projects. Why not get them started the right way, with the right apps on your BlackBerry? The sooner you tackle them, the sooner you can enjoy Spring before Summer comes along.

For more information, please visit crackberry forum at here

How to Watch TV for Free on a BlackBerry

March 24th, 2010
There are a several different ways of watching TV on your BlackBerry, but many of them require paying for software, tedious downloading, and are not completely reliable. Viuvision is a mobile phone website that provides free and easy access to various TV programs from your BlackBerry, with only a few steps.


Step 1: Click on the icon that looks like the earth; it’s located on your BlackBerry’s desktop.

Step 2: Type "," into the BlackBerry’s browser.

Step 3: Agree to the terms, then click on the TV Icon that you wish to watch and wait about 30 seconds for it to load. The low-bandwidth options include "Cartoons," "C-Span," "BroBible" "Classic Movies," and "Classic Martial Arts." The medium bandwidth option offers a few more channels: "Medical" and "NASA."

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Free Themes for Touchscreen BlackBerry

March 23rd, 2010

oldskool Old skool (8100-8300) theme for Storm, this theme will take you back to another time on your touch BB, with the look of the old Dimension themes. Featuring the menus and icons we all know from those older devices, you can rock the look of that old Pearl or Curve device right there on your Storm. You have the choice of going completely old school with the traditional "L" layout, or running a hidden dock with weather.

Two versions to choose from, a authentic L style and a Sliding dock the WB.
** Modified the theme for a better all-round experience on both s1 &s2.
** fixed icons looking blurred.
** increased speed
** a few fonts, transitions and background edits
** new lock-screen

Free theme for BlackBerry: OTAs are here
Dimension Slider: Here
Dimension L: Here

CTIA 2010: Twitter for BlackBerry Available March 31st

March 23rd, 2010

twitterforblackberrybeta2 After the keynote this morning I rolled by the BlackBerry booth and stumbled upon the Twitter pod. After some smooth talking (just kidding, no smooth talking required), I was informed that the Official Twitter for BlackBerry client will be rolling out to the public on March 31st. Only a few weeks ago it was rolled out as an invite-only beta, but if you still haven’t checked it out you won’t have to wait much longer. The beta has been going strong and although the results are mixed, everyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to play with RIM’s own Twitter client will surely be itching to get a hold of it in just over a week. Thats all we know for now, so keep it locked here and we’ll bring you more details if anything pops up.

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Blackberry Curve Avoid Pocket Dialing

March 23rd, 2010

Stop calling people from your pants!  Pocket Dialing not only wastes energy and time, it also is just plain annoying!  Stupid phone user!

To avoid these embarrassing accidents, simply press the silver key on the very top of your phone until you get the “Entering Standby Mode”.

The next time you need to do something, the phone will remind you about it’s standby state, then will instruct you to again press the silver mute key on top of the phone to exit standby mode.

Free Themes for Non-Touchscreen BlackBerry

March 22nd, 2010

Neo-Dimension Our first pick of the week is Neo-Dimension Plus by DMac. Keeping it old school this week on the free themes, I was tipped off to this one yesterday. This theme gives you that 4.2 OS feel with the Dimension icons and menus, but adds the functionality of a weather slot, hidden today area, and hot-spots for clock, manage connection, etc. Download link (OTA): Neo-Dimension Plus V1.1 **For 8900, 9600, 9700 running software version 5.0

Here are the theme highlights:
•Custom icons based on the Dimension themes
•8 user changable applications across the bottom of the homescreen (the first 8 icons from your main application list)

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