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Free Themes for Non-Touchscreen BlackBerry

April 19th, 2010

Reciful The top pick for free non-touchscreen is Reciful by DReW15. Bringing along some 85xx love this week, this theme has everything you could want from a premium theme, but it’s free! Featuring a weather slot, today preview area, and a hidden dock with 7 icons, this homescreen packs plenty of function into your homescreen. Fully skinned, and chock full of custom icons, this theme employs a very different wallpaper and colour scheme for a darker, gothic feel.

OTA download this free theme for BlackBerry

This theme has:

- Wallpaper: I downloaded many years ago. at reciful.com no longer exists
- Icons: revamped from my 8330 deault VzW theme
- Home Screen Wallpaper you set will also be Lock Screen background
- Today Preview
- Weather Slot on Home Screen (slot 1 on Application Menu)
- To access icon in Weather Slot on Home Screen, click the Track Pad when the dock in down.
- Weather Slot on Lock Screen (slot 1 on Application Menu)
- Weather Application displayed Weatherbug, use what ever you want.
*This was made using a VzW 8530 OS v5.0.0.508.
*It does not function properly on OSs less than 5.0.

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