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How to Turn on Speaker Phone on a Blackberry 7250

April 22nd, 2010

BlackBerry 7250 A speakerphone function enables you to chat with friends and family on a cellphone while also doing other tasks. Speakerphones can also let a group of people listen in on a phone call. Since many states have recently enacted bans on non-hands-free cell-phone use while driving, using the speakerphone can also help you comply with these new laws while in your car. Although the Blackberry 7250 does not come with a speakerphone, you can still set up this function by using a Bluetooth device.

Turn on Bluetooth

Step 1: Power on your Blackberry 7250 using the On/Off button in the lower right-hand corner of the device.

Step 2: Find the Bluetooth option. In the main menu, select "device options."

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth radio. Click on the trackwheel to scroll down until you see the option "Enable Bluetooth". Select this function (click the trackwheel) to turn on Bluetooth compatibility. If you have completed this step correctly, you will now see a "Bluetooth icon" on your Blackberry 7250’s screen. If you want, you can later turn off Bluetooth by repeating Steps 1 to 3 and then selecting "disable Bluetooth".

Pair your Blackberry 7250 with a Bluetooth speakerphone

Step 1

Power on your Bluetooth speakerphone device using its On/Off switch or button.

Step 2

Find the Bluetooth option in the main menu by again selecting "device options" and then using the trackwheel to scroll down until you see Bluetooth. Select this by clicking the trackwheel.

Step 3

Add your Bluetooth device. Click on the trackwheel to scroll down until you see "Add Device." Then click on the trackwheel to select this function.

Step 4

Enter the name and passkey of your Bluetooth device. When prompted, scroll down with the track wheel until you see the name of your Bluetooth device. Your Blackberry 7250 should automatically detect your Bluetooth speakerphone if it is within 10 meters. If it does not, enter the name of the device, then type in the passkey provided by the manufacturer of the speakerphone.

Step 5

Enter the passkey on your Bluetooth speakerphone. Your Blackberry 7250 and Bluetooth speakerphone can now communicate with one another.

Use speakerphone during a phone call

Step 1

Dial a number and hit the send key. Make sure that your Bluetooth speakerphone is on, and that you have already set your Blackberry 7250 to "Enable Bluetooth." If you see the "Bluetooth icon" you have already done this step.

Step 2

Activate your Bluetooth device. When the call has connected, click on the trackwheel until you see the option "Bluetooth Device". Then click on the trackwheel to activate the Bluetooth function. Your Blackberry 7250 will now route your call to the Bluetooth Speakerphone.

Step 3

Turn on the speakerphone. Depending on which Bluetooth Speakerphone you have purchased, you may need to click on the "speakerphone" button to enable this function. Once the speakerphone is on, you may continue with your phone call.

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