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HowTo Reboot Your BlackBerry

April 29th, 2010

Well, this is short task but sometimes you might need it. Some programs out there like the free VoIP application BBCalls, BerryDialer or the vCardMaster still need a reboot after installation. Why? Because they are plugging functionality into the BlackBerry OS. You can for example set up the BerryDialer for using calling cards by entering your calling card numbers. Then you just go to your address book because you want to call somebody. In the address book’s menu you can find a command that directly calls your contact using the calling card. So getting this command shown you need to reboot your BlackBerry.

But how to reboot the BlackBerry?

There are currently two ways I know of:

  1. Press Reboot the BlackBerry on your BlackBerry and a so called “soft reboot” will be initiated. I saw this key combination not working on my Pearl but on all other BlackBerry devices I tried.
  2. Remove and replace the battery of your BlackBerry and the BlackBerry will reboot. Removing the BlackBerry for just a second is absolutely enough. This does also work on the Pearl, of course.

Some newer BlackBerry OS might not need that reboot anymore. However, if the described functionality of a program does not appear, a reboot might fix that.

Best Reset/Reboot App for BlackBerry we know: RestartMe! No more battery pulls!

I hope this HowTo helped a bit.

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