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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 dummy units hit Rogers shops

April 25th, 2010

bb9100dummyin The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and flagship Bold 9700 in white are due at Canadian wireless provider Rogers soon, as these leaked images of dummy devices reveal. The Pearl 9100 will evidently be offered in a dark metallic red, though other colors are likely to arrive later on as well.

The 9105 has the distinction of being the first BlackBerry device to break with tradition by getting a T9 keypad as opposed to a QWERTY layout. Another leak revealed the handset will cost $450 CAD unsubsidized at Rogers and competitor Bell.

Celebrate Earth Day with the Go Green Theme

April 22nd, 2010

gogreen1 Green Earth Soul on your Blackberry !!! Green Ecosystem, Green Living and Green your Blackberry, Lets save the earth for our children and next generation !!!

  • BlackBerry 8900 series os 4.6
  • BlackBerry 9000 series os 4.6
  • BlackBerry 9000 series os 5.0
  • BlackBerry 9500 series os 4.7
  • BlackBerry 9500 series os 5.0
  • BlackBerry 9700/9600/8900 series os 5.0

    Note : Can only be downloaded and installed directly from your BlackBerry device

  • How to Turn on Speaker Phone on a Blackberry 7250

    April 22nd, 2010

    BlackBerry 7250 A speakerphone function enables you to chat with friends and family on a cellphone while also doing other tasks. Speakerphones can also let a group of people listen in on a phone call. Since many states have recently enacted bans on non-hands-free cell-phone use while driving, using the speakerphone can also help you comply with these new laws while in your car. Although the Blackberry 7250 does not come with a speakerphone, you can still set up this function by using a Bluetooth device.

    Turn on Bluetooth

    Step 1: Power on your Blackberry 7250 using the On/Off button in the lower right-hand corner of the device.

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    Free App-Tungle Scheduling Now Available

    April 19th, 2010

    blackberry_main Tungle has been in beta for a while now but today, has finally reached public availability. The free scheduling application is now available for download direct from the Tungle website. Having used the application before, I can say it’s great for sharing calendar information between users.

    * Please enter this link in your phone:

    Tungle for BlackBerry supports Bold, Curve and Storm* with OS 4.5+.

    *Storm owners? Please use this link:

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    Free Themes for Non-Touchscreen BlackBerry

    April 19th, 2010

    Reciful The top pick for free non-touchscreen is Reciful by DReW15. Bringing along some 85xx love this week, this theme has everything you could want from a premium theme, but it’s free! Featuring a weather slot, today preview area, and a hidden dock with 7 icons, this homescreen packs plenty of function into your homescreen. Fully skinned, and chock full of custom icons, this theme employs a very different wallpaper and colour scheme for a darker, gothic feel.

    OTA download this free theme for BlackBerry

    This theme has:

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    Images of BlackBerry Pearl 9105 with T9 keypad emerge

    April 19th, 2010

    bb9105 Newly leaked images seem to confirm that the BlackBerry Pearl 9105 will indeed sport a T9 keypad rather than a hardware QWERTY keyboard usually found on BlackBerry handsets. The images of the device mirror the render nearly identically, though the configuration settings in Input Options are unchanged from those of the current Pearl and Pearl Flip.

    The device was originally believed to be offered only in Europe as soon as May or June, but the device may also arrive in the US, according to this latest report.

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    Free App for BB-One Touch Launcher

    April 18th, 2010

    one-touch-launcher-blackberry One Touch Launcher is the perfect launching pad for the applications you use all the time. With one click on the icon you get a pop-up with shortcuts to the most common tasks and tools that you regularly access.
    One Touch Launcher keeps it clean and simple, only your most used applications are included in the launch list, and there are no complex settings needed to get it working.

    Download One Touch Launcher (Free) Non-Storm Devicesdownload_Now


    Download One Touch Launcher (Free) Storm Devicesdownload_Now

    Get free Belladonna for BlackBerry

    April 18th, 2010

    screenshot_3 If you’re looking for a bit more motivation to get through your day, Belladonna may have your answer. This simple app gives you twice-a-day motivational and inspirational quotes that popup during the day. Accompanied by music, these popups give you a little push to keep on truckin’. Also included is a wallpaper changer that will keep a selection of soothing images on your homescreen background. Belladonna is available free until May 16th – just use the code BELLA at checkout. Be sure to visit the mobile app store or the coupon code will not work.

    How to Remove the Internet History From a BlackBerry

    April 18th, 2010

    images The BlackBerry browser stores your browsing history for a certain amount of days. If you use the Internet on your phone a lot, it can start to get bogged down and slow from the browser using too much memory. Also, if you are using too much memory, the phone may start to automatically delete your messages. You can remove your Internet browsing history to help clear memory on your BlackBerry.

    Step 1: Open your BlackBerry’s web browser.

    Step 2: Press the "Menu" key. This is the button left of the trackball.

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    Google Sync for BlackBerry Updated to v0.7.3

    April 16th, 2010

    BlackBerry_pictures_QL_1041594704 Less than a month ago the Google Sync app got an update and again today its been freshened up. The new version is 0.7.3, and yet again no changelog is available. We can assume there wasn’t much added and the update most likely just fixed up a few bugs. I really wish Google would get to it and put out some decent updates for both the Gmail app and Google Voice among others, but it seems like wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, you can grab the update from your device by heading to