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A Sneak Peak Into The Future With DriveSafe.ly

DriveSafe.ly-Screen-Shot-21 We were given a few snapshots of the new look and UI of DriveSafe.ly and we’re curious to know what else has changed, because it’s looking good! I’m very curious to see what else has been changed and added. If you haven’t heard of DriveSafe.ly, here’s what the app is all about.

I’m so curious to find out what’s going to be new, so keep your eyes open. Currently there are two different versions, the Free and the Pro. Of course the free is limited in customization but some of us don’t mind. The pro version is $29.99 and is fully customizable. Here’s the features for the Pro.

  • Automatically plays incoming text  SMS  and email messages
  • Play messages on demand through menu
  • No complicated software to install
  • Easy to use  simple on-off functionality
  • Customizable auto-response and timeout duration
  • Small footprint  lightweight app does not slow down your phone
  • Select number of words read per message
  • Selectable male and female premium voices or auto-selecting
  • Human sounding text to speech powered by iSpeech.org

Do any of our readers use DriveSafe.ly? Anyone excited about the new features and wonder what they might be? Share with us, we want to know.

I think I’d like to have 007’s voice in mine, so he can read to me as I’m driving, but that’s just me.

Grab your copy of DriveSafe.ly Pro version for $29.99 from BlackBerry App World here

Or Grab your free copy of DriveSafe.ly Free version from the BlackBerry Sync Store here


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