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Official FML Application For BlackBerry Launched (Free)

Blackberry The internet is a great source of entertainment. Whenever you find yourself bored, you can visit any one of the countless entertainment-oriented websites. These websites have different themes but they all aim to lighten your mood and to make you laugh.

FML is one website. Typing what that abbreviation stands for would make this article NSFW (not safe for work). The site itself is NSFW, but not because of anything graphic. The site includes people’s accounts of them in embarrassing or unwanted situations. The stories are very short, normally 1-2 lines each, and always amusing. Visitors can submit their own accounts and if it receives enough votes, the story shows up on the homepage of FML.

Since some stories are of a crude nature, it is best to access the site with caution when at work. But your safety precaution will not take you far if the computer network is monitored by the IT department. Especially if remote desktop sharing has been enabled, you could be in quite a bit of trouble. That is why FML has its own BlackBerry app.

Having a NSFW app on a phone meant for professionals is in itself very funny. The app contains all the site’s features. You can log in to your account, view other’s FML scenarios, and submit your own stories.

BlackBerry owners who are looking for a way to be able to smile or laugh anytime should definitely get the FML app for their smartphones. Click here to get the official FML app for BlackBerry.

Download FML For BlackBerry

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