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CNBC announces the launch of CNBC Pro for BlackBerry today

December 14th, 2010

CNBC CNBC Pro, a  professional-level mobile and online market data tool specially designed for investors all over the world, has been launched by CNBC today. With CNBC Pro on hand, you can get real-time global market data, access to live CNBC TV, real-time price alerts, and more directly from your BlackBerry.


Here are some key features of CNBC Pro:

  • Real-Time Global Data
  •       »100+ Exchanges from Around the World cover 95% of the World’s Market Cap      

           »Real-Time pricing for global stocks, bonds, equities, futures, commodities, currencies,  mutual funds, ETFs and more

  • Live CNBC TV Around the World
  •       » Streaming CNBC from the US, Europe and Asia      

           » 200,000+ on-demand video clips

  • Real-Time Price Alerts
  •       » Know immediately when your assets are moving      

           » Be empowered to make quick decisions and never miss an opportunity

  • On Your Phone and Your Desktop
  •       » Sync your personal settings between your computer and Blackberry automatically

          » Take CNBC PRO wherever you go

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