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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9350 & 9370

May 25th, 2011

BB 7 The first BlackBerry OS 7 build has finally leaked out. Currently, it stays on version, and is available for the BlackBerry Curve 9350 and 9370. If you are interested and want to try this new OS on your curve 9350 or 9370, just give a try and give us your feedbacks and comments on this new OS. And don’t forget to read below OS disclaimer and back up your devices before upgrading the OS.

OS DISCLAIMER: Since this is NOT an official release and it is not supported by RIM or your Wireless Carrier when there is any problem of the leaked software, so please install at your own risk. Before upgrading, it is highly recommended that you make a backup before using this software. If you are not comfortable using the Beta software you’d better wait for the next official release.

Download the leaked OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9350 & 9370

Free AIR Brower App for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available in BlackBerry App World

May 24th, 2011

AIR Browser AIR Brower App for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a free file explorer utility that allows PlayBook users to explore files and folders of the PlayBook and know more of the PlayBook’s file system. With the App on hand, users can browse directories, cut, copy and paste files as well as rename and delete files or folders. AIR Brower App can work smoothly on the PlayBook just like windows explorer does on a PC! 

For more info or to download AIR Brower App, just go to BlackBerry App World!

Twitter for BlackBerry Version Officially Available in BlackBerry App World Now!

May 20th, 2011

twitter RIM has officially released Twitter for BlackBerry version, it’s now available for download in BlackBerry App World. The updated version is looking amazing with many new features (which seem to be same as the version being tested in the BlackBerry Beta Zone):

  • Redesigned Navigation Bar
  • New Compose Tweet Button
  • Single Search Screen
  • External Notifications Header
  • New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

New BlackBerry Feedback Tool Available for Free Download in BlackBerry App World Now!

May 13th, 2011

BB Feedback If you’ve ever had an issue with an App or met some problem when using your BlackBerry, or had some opinion on BlackBerry functions or features, or anything that you would like RIM to hear, now you can voice all your opinions to RIM with the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool. The new BlackBerry Feedback Tool will let you voice be heard from anywhere on your device:

Express yourself with the BlackBerry Feedback Tool – a feedback application especially for your BlackBerry! Once you download the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, it is available in your device menu at all times and can be used to send feedback on BlackBerry features, functions and applications at any time! We want to hear from you!

Let RIM know what are you thinking and what’s bugging you to help make BlackBerry a much better platform. The App supports most devices, however, it is only available for Canada, UK and US users currently.

For more info or to download the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Free Audi Roadside App for BlackBerry Now Available in BlackBerry App World

May 11th, 2011

Audi The free Audi Roadside App has been released with several great features to help users connect directly with Audi and its roadside assistance from their BlackBerry devices. The App leverages the Audi customer’s pre-registered vehicle information, a smartphone’s GPS capabilities and an intuitive interface to ease calls for roadside assistance. It provides an easy solution for Audi owners to make good use of the free roadside assistance services when necessary.

Features include:

  • Vehicle registration – Drivers simply provide their Audi’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and some basic personal information to register the App with their customer information on file. This provides Audi Roadside Services your specific details when you request service, and greatly shortens the time it takes to dispatch service.
  • Audi Roadside Assistance – With a few simple steps, the driver selects the type of service they require (e.g. jump start, fuel delivery, tire change or tow) and the App locates the driver via the smart phone’s GPS capabilities. The assistance request is sent to the Audi Roadside Assistance dispatcher as the call is connected to enable the dispatcher to provide faster service. Once the dispatch is complete, the App captures and conveniently stores the dispatch details, including the name of the roadside provider en route to the customer and estimated time of arrival.
  • Dealer Locator – For convenient access to dealer information, the App allows users to search for dealers nearby or within a given city. The App displays the dealer’s name, location, hours of operation and phone number. With one touch, the user can display nearby dealers on a map or immediately call the dealer. This is particularly helpful when a service appointment is required immediately.

For more info or to free download Audi Roadside App, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Available from du

May 11th, 2011

Software For BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G smartphone (model: 9300)

BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2475 (Multilanguage)
Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 9300M_PBr6.0.0_rel2475_PL6.6.0.207_A6.0.0.546_du.exe
  • File size: 157.19MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 from du

New Photos of the Upcoming BlackBerry Touch 9860 Got Leaked!

May 10th, 2011

  9860_1 9860_2 Two new photos of the upcoming BlackBerry Touch 9860 (called as “Monza”) have been leaked. From one of which, we can notice an obvious change of the call buttons, the green and red ‘Send/End buttons’ are gone and not colored any more, much like that of the BlackBerry 9900/9300 ‘Bold Touch’. And the other photo shows us the new OS 7.0 build (v7.0.0.74) of BlackBerry 9860. I really wonder how BlackBerry 7 device will work, let’s wait for its official release! 

Twitter for BlackBerry Version 2.0 Now Available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

May 6th, 2011

Twitter04 Twitter for BlackBerry version has been made available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry OS 5.0 & 6.0 users to download now. The update brings a brand new user interface and several new features:

  • Redesigned Navigation Bar
  • New Compose Tweet Button
  • Single Search Screen
  • External Notification
  • New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

For more info or to download the updated version, head over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook is to Make Its Debut?

May 5th, 2011

Poynt Playbook with a larger screen size has been dreamed by many users for a few days. Accordingly to BGR guys, it seems that RIM has been working hard on it. As BlackBerry World 2011 coming to the end, there are some news to be announced after the conference, one of which indicated that RIM is planning to release its follow-up to the BlackBerry PlayBook in the fall time this year.

This new version of BlackBerry PlayBook, has a prompt feature – its 10-inch screen which will definitely satisfy users’ demand for a bigger screen than the 7-inch one does. Along with the bigger size, an update OS (may be OS 7) that includes an email client, BBM and more that could really hit the sweet spot is also to be launched.

Some analysts suggest that RIM wants to play in both segments of the tablet market, and the new version of PlayBook (“PlayBook 2”) could probably be thought of as an additional PlayBook model as opposed to the second-generation tablet.

Poynt Confirms ‘Pairing’ is to Work for the BlackBerry Playbook

May 5th, 2011

Poynt Have you ever imagined the day when you can search and view results on the PlayBook while still using your BlackBerry, as well as calling businesses, adding addresses to the address book, mapping directions and add events to the calendar on your BlackBerry smartphone?

This idea has been realized according to Poynt’s announcement that a new update for their BlackBerry App has been released. The new version enables users to pair their BlackBerry smartphones to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Thus users can fully enjoy the convenience of viewing listings on the PlayBook while using the BlackBerry smartphone to interact with the search results, such as businesses, people, movies, events, restaurants, gas prices and weather information in their local area without leaving the App..

Simply by selecting the ‘Pair with PlayBook’ tab in Poynt on their PlayBook and entering their BlackBerry PIN#, users can successfully pair their BlackBerry smartphone with the BlackBerry PlayBook. A security code will then be given to enter under a ‘Pair with PlayBook’ menu item on their BlackBerry smartphones. Once the devices have been paired, they will remain paired until the users opt to un-pair them and users can search Poynt by using the enhanced PlayBook interface to call businesses and add listings to their existing contacts.

For more info or to download Poynt App, head over to BlackBerry App World