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Leaked BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Details & Specs

PlayBook 2 We ever heard a rumor that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 would be coming with a 10-inch screen, now it seems that it will possibly become real together with a higher resolution. Here are some more leaked details and specs of the PlayBook 2:

  • Black & white colored models
  • SIM card slot
  • 4G/WiFi only, no 3G version
  • Thinner frame around screen
  • Able to connect to BES without BlackBerry Bridge
    Besides, it’s also rumored that RIM would also update the QNX OS the moment when the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 release, along with some needed features, such as: native email, calendar and other standard BlackBerry Apps. Does the PlayBook 2 sound more appealing to you? Let’s look forward to its official release!

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