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How to create your own BlackBerry Avatar!

September 1st, 2011

Avatar Builder Avatar Builder

Have you use this app on your BlackBerry? Today I would like to provide an overview of how to install the Avatar Builder app on your BlackBerry smartphone and showing you several ways you can share your avatar with friends and family.

Part One – Installing Avatar Builder

Before you can install Avatar Builder, there are a few things you’ll need to check first:

1. Are you using a BlackBerry smartphone that is supported?
2. Are you using the required BlackBerry® Device Software version?
3. Are you located in a supported country?

All of this information can be found on the Avatar Builder page that’s available in the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront. If you don’t know which version of BlackBerry Device Software version you are using.

Provided you meet the requirements to use Avatar Builder, the next step is to download it from BlackBerry App World. You can install it using the BlackBerry App World application on your BlackBerry smartphone and by searching for Avatar Builder, or by visiting the BlackBerry App World for each application linked below. If you cannot find Avatar Builder while using BlackBerry App World on your BlackBerry, make sure you meet the requirements that are listed in the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront page for the Avatar Builder app.

  • Avatar Builder Guys Edition
  • Avatar Builder Girls Edition

Note: You can install both the Guys and Girls version of the Avatar Builder in case you want both as well.

Part Two – Creating an Avatar

It’s time to unleash your creativity! After launching Avatar Builder for the first time, you’ll be able to create, view and edit your avatars.

Avatar Builder

If you select Create, you’ll be presented with the above screen that allows you to select the item you’d like to customize, such as your hair style, eyes, and accessories of course (+1 for headphones!). To change or remove something you’ve set, all you need to do is select the item you’d like to remove, and then either click on the item you’d like to replace it with or click the red X that appears on the right to remove it completely.

Avatar Builder

When you are finished customizing your avatar, click on the green arrow or the menu key to save it. You also have the ability to create a random avatar by clicking on the red dice in the top right corner. Don’t forget that you can also access several options while creating your avatar by selecting the Menu key. Within this menu, you’ll be able to do things such as resetting the avatar that you are currently creating.

Avatar Builder

Part Three – Displaying and Sharing your Avatar

The first thing I did after creating my avatar was set it as my BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) display picture. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Open BlackBerry Messenger, press the Menu key and select “View My Profile”.
2. Press the Menu key again and select “Change Display Picture”.

Avatar Builder

3. Select “Picture Library” and click on the avatar you’d like to use.

Avatar Builder

4. Specify how you’d like to crop your avatar, then press the Menu key and select Crop & Save.

Avatar Builder

5. Your avatar will now appear as your BlackBerry Messenger display image!

Avatar Builder

Hope these information will help you a lot if you install this app.

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