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2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap

December 5th, 2011

If you have been paying attention to RIM’s financial issues you probably know that BlackBerry 7 devices aren’t doing as hot as RIM wanted them to do. I always did say that BlackBerry 7 device would be RIM’s hold over device until they released the new QNX device, now known as the BBX devices.

2011 didn’t have it’s shortage of BlackBerry devices. We saw the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930/9790, Torch 9850/9860/9810, Curve 9380/9370/9360, and we also saw the launch of the P’9981 which was the Porsche design BlackBerry device.  All of these devices were rocking so very nice hardware that was first seen in BlackBerry devices such as better processors, more memory and better cameras. The 2012 BlackBerry devices will have even more!

2012 BBX BlackBerry Devices

The first BlackBerry device the will be supporting the new BBX will be the BlackBerry London device the we saw pictures of a few weeks ago.  This device will be an all touchscreen device which some have questioned because when they think of BlackBerry devices they think of keyboard devices. However RIM needs to do something that is different and game changing. RIM’s target release for the BlackBerry London is March 2012 but if you have been following RIM for awhile like I have then you know that RIM isn’t very good at keeping release dates. We should see this device at CES which is in January.

There are a lot more devices that we should see in 2012. One of those devices is being codenamed BlackBerry Milan which is code number is R071. This makes us believe that this could be the CDMA version of BlackBerry London. It could also be a AT&T/Rogers exclusive device.

The BlackBerry Lisbon device is something we really don’t know a lot of but we are thinking that it might be a Slider type device.

Now the BlackBerry Nevada will be the BlackBerry device that BlackBerry users have been dreaming about. This is rumored to be a BlackBerry Qwerty device running QNX that will be very similar to the Bold 9900/9930.

Now the BlackBerry Forest is something we have been hearing about for some time. I apparently is a 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook. When the BlackBerry PlayBook originally released we heard that RIM would be working on a 10″ PlayBook but then we were told it was scrapped due to design issues. Now looks like RIM is thinking about trying to give it a go again.  RIM has said that they are committed to Tablets and are going to continue to support them.  I for one still believe in the BlackBerry PlayBook even though it hasn’t received certain features. I still think it is one of the best tablets on the market and will only get better!

One thing we didn’t learn about is BlackBerry 7.1. RIM has said that they are not going to just kill off the current BlackBerry OS. They will continue to support it for sometime even after the launch of BBX devices. We know that OS 7.1 is in the works and has some nice features such as mobile hotspot but we don’t know when we will see it officially hit the market.

2012 looks to be a very promising year for RIM and BlackBerry. I for one am very excited to see BBX in action. I do believe that it will bring RIM and BlackBerry up to another level in the Smartphone world! What device are you most exicted to see?

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