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2012 BlackBerry 10 Roadmap

December 13th, 2011

The other day we were told about the 2012 BlackBerry 10 Roadmap. The first image of the BlackBerry Milan is saw by us. This looks to be the next generation Slider device that will be supporting BlackBerry 10. The look of the device looks a little bit like the BlackBerry London device we saw a couple weeks back.  You can see the topped round edges on the device that can also be found on the BlackBerry PlayBook.



Also you can see that there is no more trackpad, call/end, back, or BlackBerry menu key on the device. Looks like RIM is going to use gestures on the new devices. It’s still early so we don’t have that many specs or information on the device but when we do get it you will know! Any other comments would be much appreciated.

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