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BlackBerry Messenger Themes?

January 11th, 2012

With BBM being updated to v6.1.0.49 it brings a long some new features such as supporting animated avatars, and longer status updates it brings to mind something else I would like to see come to BBM.  Themes are great as is, and are very popular among BlackBerry users.  We’ve seen in the recent BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 theme that the media player can be themed.  How about other apps like BBM?

I would love to see, after playing with a friends Android phone, are themes on BBM. Not sure how many of our BlackBerry fanatics are familiar with apps like Handcent that is available on Android phones that allow you to customize your text messages in every way. These changes include:

  • Changing Themes
  • Changing Backgrounds
  • Customizing Fonts
  • Message Preview

BBM is already a favorite application amongst most if not all BlackBerry users, so it would be great to see something cool like this to BBM to really put your own flavor to BBM. We are seeing a lot of BBM Connected applications and I feel that this is something that will really add to the BlackBerry Messenger Platform. So tell us what you think, would you like to see BBM customizable with themes?

If yes, just comment on this article and we can make a further talk.

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