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Today++ Green-Free Theme for BlackBerry

July 1st, 2010

screenshot160 A Today Theme showing your current calendar events along with a bottom dock of icons


  • Theme with custom green color scheme throughout. Today layout with added bottom dock with user defined application order
    Download Today Green Blackberry Curve 85XX Themes OTA

Download Today Green Blackberry Curve 85XX running 4.6 OTA

BlackBerry 9800 Slider headed for AT&T

June 25th, 2010

bb-slider-em The BlackBerry Slider is finally seen in its official final state, and is heading for AT&T. engadget has the photos of the AT&T branded Slider running OS 6 and they say it’s the final version. There is still no official word of a final name, Bold or Torch, but the Slider will soon be a reality on AT&T. engadget says,
"This particular phone is AT&T-branded, and it starts up with a carrier logo screen that proudly proclaims the 9800 a world phone — sure enough, the About screen shows support for WCDMA bands I, II, V, and VI, which means you’ll be able to use the phone for 3G service in Japan and most of Europe. "

Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS – For Dummies

June 14th, 2010

10414 There are many reasons why users might install a leaked BlackBerry OS upgrade on their smartphones, for some it is the desperate need to fix a problem, performance improvements and other issues, while for some it is just a matter of numbers, always having the latest and newest device software on their BlackBerry smartphone. So while we publish news on leaked BlackBerry OS releases, we thought it would be a good idea to write a tutorial on "How to Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS" for Dummies. A simple, clean and descriptive walk through the process of updating your BlackBerry device software.

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Official FML Application For BlackBerry Launched (Free)

June 7th, 2010

Blackberry The internet is a great source of entertainment. Whenever you find yourself bored, you can visit any one of the countless entertainment-oriented websites. These websites have different themes but they all aim to lighten your mood and to make you laugh.

FML is one website. Typing what that abbreviation stands for would make this article NSFW (not safe for work). The site itself is NSFW, but not because of anything graphic. The site includes people’s accounts of them in embarrassing or unwanted situations. The stories are very short, normally 1-2 lines each, and always amusing. Visitors can submit their own accounts and if it receives enough votes, the story shows up on the homepage of FML.

Since some stories are of a crude nature, it is best to access the site with caution when at work. But your safety precaution will not take you far if the computer network is monitored by the IT department. Especially if remote desktop sharing has been enabled, you could be in quite a bit of trouble. That is why FML has its own BlackBerry app.

Having a NSFW app on a phone meant for professionals is in itself very funny. The app contains all the site’s features. You can log in to your account, view other’s FML scenarios, and submit your own stories.

BlackBerry owners who are looking for a way to be able to smile or laugh anytime should definitely get the FML app for their smartphones. Click here to get the official FML app for BlackBerry.

Download FML For BlackBerry

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A Sneak Peak Into The Future With

May 23rd, 2010 We were given a few snapshots of the new look and UI of and we’re curious to know what else has changed, because it’s looking good! I’m very curious to see what else has been changed and added. If you haven’t heard of, here’s what the app is all about.

I’m so curious to find out what’s going to be new, so keep your eyes open. Currently there are two different versions, the Free and the Pro. Of course the free is limited in customization but some of us don’t mind. The pro version is $29.99 and is fully customizable. Here’s the features for the Pro.

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Blah Theme for BlackBerry

May 9th, 2010

banner_blah Blah theme had been a favorite among many people on a couple of sites I had posted it on. And now it is available on TWP! Show off your favorite wallpaper with style!

6 hidden icons on home screen
Hidden today area
Click on time for clock
Transitions throughout
No carrier
Very wallpaper friendy

OTA 9700

OTA 9600 4.7

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Avatar “Neytiri’ Theme from Airborne Mobile

May 9th, 2010

Avatar-1 Everyone knows the movie for its stunning visual graphics and the images alone on this theme are certainly very nice…but overall I’m not impressed. Firstly, the theme lagged for me. Secondly, the nice wallpapers have trademark/copyright information stamped at the bottom. I’m sure the theme designer had their reasons but ‘eh’ it’s kinda of annoying. Also, the icons, unopened message icons, dialog buttons, battery/signal meters…even the little ‘ring’ notifiers, while nice, are not original because I’ve seen the exact same ones used by another theme developer. With a theme of this caliber (and price) why not be original? All in all, it’s not an awful theme but if it wasn’t for the attractive wallpapers, and the fact that the person using it would have to be a die hard Avatar fan, I don’t think it’s worth $5.99. Remember though, this is just my opinion.  I realize the theme developer probably had to pay for license rights but in that case, and for that price, give us a great theme…not a so-so one. For those of you still willing to take the plunge, you can buy Avatar theme at our Berryreview Store. There’s also a ‘Jake’ version available as well. Available for a variety of BlackBerry devices.

Free BlackBerry Booking App

May 6th, 2010

hertzapp_thumb Back in mid-2008 Hertz released a pretty useful mobile website that I used once to book a car on the go. Now almost 2 years later they just released a new BlackBerry app to make things even easier for last minute car rental reservations. The free app lets you easily make a reservation or view current reservation. Currently the app does not support the Storm but they are working on that along with multilingual support and the ability to modify a reservation.

Hertz is available at the BlackBerry App World for free download.  Use the link below to get routed to it over the air to download today.

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Blackberry Girl Theme

May 6th, 2010

blackberry_girl_banner A very wallpaper friendly theme for the girls. Smooth purple and pink accents envelope your Blackberry on this theme. Themes of this kind are a bit hard to find so download it for free right now!

  • 6 hidden customizable icons on homescreen
  • Click the # 0 to bring the dock down and z to bring it back up
  • No carrier
  • Transitions throughout
  • Wallpaper friendly

    OTA 9700   OTA 9600 4.7   OTA 9000 4.6   OTA 9000 5.0   OTA 8900 4.6

Free App Smarter Wallpaper for BlackBerry

May 5th, 2010

smarter-wallpaper-blackberry Smarter Wallpaper randomly changes the Wallpaper of your BlackBerry device from a variety of picture sources at a user configurable interval.
Picture sources used as your wallpaper could be pictures taken by you and stored on your BlackBerry or on the SD Card. You can also choose from a variety of live webcams or you can mix and match from any of the above. It’s completely configurable by you!
Supported live webcam images from around the world include the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids and many more.
You must have BlackBerry system software version 4.7 or higher installed on your BlackBerry to use Smarter Wallpaper.
The best part, Smarter Wallpaper is completely Free! Download Smarter Wallpaper from OTA

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