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S4BB Rolls Out Beta 4 Release Of Data Backup For BlackBerry

May 5th, 2010

databackup_beta4_9700_mainscreen_169x293 Now, S4BB has put in a lot of bug fixes and updated the application to have more features. Essentially if you are in need of a data backup solution and don’t mind being a beta tester, this is something you may want to look into signing up for.

Rather then making use of cloud storage, Data Backup stores all your information directly to your already in place SDCard or internal device memory. Cloud storage is always a good option but personally, I like to keep my backups in more than one place. Running this app and a cloud based solution helps keep a back up always available should the need ever arise.

Free Themes for BlackBerry Touchscreen

May 4th, 2010

Hope_tree2_for_web This is a much updated version of a Storm theme it was created last fall….I like this one so much better. Enjoy. Hope Tree version 2. This is a very good looking theme. It features 4 user defined icons on the top of your homescreen, weather slot, hotspots, and a slider along the bottom that holds 10 more icons. The theme is simple, classy, and will look great with any of your favorite wallpapers. You can pick it up for your 95xx device via OTA.

How To Wipe Your BlackBerry And Restore It Back To Factory Defaults

May 4th, 2010

security_wipe_screen I don’t know why questions often seem to come in bunches, however, over the last week or two, I’ve been asked how to wipe a BlackBerry and restore it back to factory defaults at least half a dozen times.  The process is pretty straight forward, but not something that many BlackBerry users do, so we’ve put together a little tutorial to walk you through it.

How To Security Wipe Your BlackBerry

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YouTube Player for BlackBerry

May 3rd, 2010

player-for-youtube-blackberry Player for YouTube allows you to browse, play, search, share and bookmark YouTube videos on your BlackBerry device with a very easy to use interface.

It’s an awesome application that basically looks like the iPhone YouTube app, only better.  It has a bottom tab with icons including Featured, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Top Rated, Search, Bookmarks, History, & Help.  In addition, the app includes its own media player to play the videos you select!  Many would just assume it opens up your native Berry media player, but no!  This application is absolutely free to download.  Just go onto the BlackBerry App World and download it for free today!

Don’t have BlackBerry App World yet? Click here to download.

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Free Themes for BlackBerry Non-Touchscreen

May 3rd, 2010

droidslideDroidSlide features a 16 icon sliding dock, as well as a hidden today area. When scrolling through the icons you will also get a nice bounce animation to the icons. If you are one who doesn’t like to leave your BlackBerry’s home screen, then this theme is free for you. DroidSlide also comes in a version with a weather slot, Pick it up OTA via the link below.

Zen 5.0
Weather 5.0

BIS Two-Way Sync for Gmail Finally Live?!!

May 3rd, 2010

bis3_0nao Over the weekend we had tons of reports that two-way Gmail sync on BIS was finally alive and kicking. The feature should allow for synching of both read/unread messages, as well showing sent messages on your device that were composed in the Gmail web app. While it doesn’t seem to be working for everyone (myself included), it looks like a ton of users are up and running. I did manage to get my sent messages to sync up, however anything beyond that is a no go on my end. So we want to know if its working for you. Leave a comment and let us know (yay or nay) and be sure to include your device/carrier information as well. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Crossbreed iBerry for BlackBerry

April 30th, 2010

Crossed iBerry Customized and Animated Icons with unique focus icons
Customized Hourglass
Slide to Lock Lockscreen
Iberry Style

  • Customized and Animated Icons with unique focus icons
  • Customized Hourglass
  • Slide to Lock Lockscreen
  • Iberry Style Download this free theme for BlackBerry OTA

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ScanLife for BlackBerry

April 30th, 2010

scanlife-blackberry ScanLife lets you scan every major barcode format on your BlackBerry. Just scan a 2D barcode with your camera phone and connect in seconds. No sending, typing, or searching.. A lot of you think you have full out barcode scanning capabilities on your BlackBerry smartphones, but I’m here to tell you you’re wrong!  Once you get over it and realize you don’t have the full capabilities, check out the latest version of ScanLife which allows you to scan all sorts of barcodes including those that you see for BlackBerry Messenger contacts and groups, standard 2D ones, and of course UPC which is the most famous on all sorts of retail items.

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HowTo Reboot Your BlackBerry

April 29th, 2010

Well, this is short task but sometimes you might need it. Some programs out there like the free VoIP application BBCalls, BerryDialer or the vCardMaster still need a reboot after installation. Why? Because they are plugging functionality into the BlackBerry OS. You can for example set up the BerryDialer for using calling cards by entering your calling card numbers. Then you just go to your address book because you want to call somebody. In the address book’s menu you can find a command that directly calls your contact using the calling card. So getting this command shown you need to reboot your BlackBerry.

But how to reboot the BlackBerry?

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BlackBerry 9670 custom-made for Verizon?

April 28th, 2010

blackberry9670-leak The just recently uncovered BlackBerry 9670 may have been made just for Verizon and its partner Vodafone if a leak on Wednesday is truthful. Verizon reportedly called on RIM to create the custom design and even supplied the hardware criteria, which included a five-megapixel camera, the clamshell QWERTY design and a new interface, which is now likely to be BlackBerry OS 6.0. It would be an exclusive in the US for Verizon and would get a Vodafone GSM equivalent in Europe.

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