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New BlackBerry Feedback Tool Available for Free Download in BlackBerry App World Now!

May 13th, 2011

BB Feedback If you’ve ever had an issue with an App or met some problem when using your BlackBerry, or had some opinion on BlackBerry functions or features, or anything that you would like RIM to hear, now you can voice all your opinions to RIM with the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool. The new BlackBerry Feedback Tool will let you voice be heard from anywhere on your device:

Express yourself with the BlackBerry Feedback Tool – a feedback application especially for your BlackBerry! Once you download the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, it is available in your device menu at all times and can be used to send feedback on BlackBerry features, functions and applications at any time! We want to hear from you!

Let RIM know what are you thinking and what’s bugging you to help make BlackBerry a much better platform. The App supports most devices, however, it is only available for Canada, UK and US users currently.

For more info or to download the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Free Audi Roadside App for BlackBerry Now Available in BlackBerry App World

May 11th, 2011

Audi The free Audi Roadside App has been released with several great features to help users connect directly with Audi and its roadside assistance from their BlackBerry devices. The App leverages the Audi customer’s pre-registered vehicle information, a smartphone’s GPS capabilities and an intuitive interface to ease calls for roadside assistance. It provides an easy solution for Audi owners to make good use of the free roadside assistance services when necessary.

Features include:

  • Vehicle registration – Drivers simply provide their Audi’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and some basic personal information to register the App with their customer information on file. This provides Audi Roadside Services your specific details when you request service, and greatly shortens the time it takes to dispatch service.
  • Audi Roadside Assistance – With a few simple steps, the driver selects the type of service they require (e.g. jump start, fuel delivery, tire change or tow) and the App locates the driver via the smart phone’s GPS capabilities. The assistance request is sent to the Audi Roadside Assistance dispatcher as the call is connected to enable the dispatcher to provide faster service. Once the dispatch is complete, the App captures and conveniently stores the dispatch details, including the name of the roadside provider en route to the customer and estimated time of arrival.
  • Dealer Locator – For convenient access to dealer information, the App allows users to search for dealers nearby or within a given city. The App displays the dealer’s name, location, hours of operation and phone number. With one touch, the user can display nearby dealers on a map or immediately call the dealer. This is particularly helpful when a service appointment is required immediately.

For more info or to free download Audi Roadside App, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Twitter for BlackBerry Version 2.0 Now Available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

May 6th, 2011

Twitter04 Twitter for BlackBerry version has been made available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry OS 5.0 & 6.0 users to download now. The update brings a brand new user interface and several new features:

  • Redesigned Navigation Bar
  • New Compose Tweet Button
  • Single Search Screen
  • External Notification
  • New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

For more info or to download the updated version, head over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook Available for Download Now!

May 4th, 2011

FB Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for free download in BlackBerry App World now. The App is coming with lots of features:

Facebook® for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is an optimized application that delivers a highly engaging experience by integrating popular features and functionality of Facebook®. You can browse and interact with highlights in the News Feed, post status updates and easily upload photos to your Wall from the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Picture Library, connect with your Facebook friends instantly using Facebook Chat, see Profiles and Pages, seamlessly view links and videos in the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ browser, and even view photos and videos in full 1080p HD by connecting the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ to an HD TV.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated to Version

April 29th, 2011

Desktop Manager RIM has officially released the upgraded version for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It’s said BlackBerry Desktop Manager v6.0.2.44 provides full support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you have owned a PlayBook and ever suffered issues with PlayBook connectivity to the Desktop Manager, now you can update to the latest version and try the updated one, it would work better for you.

BlackBerry Messenger Version 6.0 Now Available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

April 27th, 2011

BBM RIM has released the updated version for BlackBerry Messenger in the Beta Zone for all users to download and try out.

Here are some changes in the beta version:

  • Updated BBM branding
  • More "snappy" and responsive feel
  • Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
  • Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once an SMS contact is integrated with BBM
  • Invite a Text Messaging Contact — it’s now easier to search contacts
  • Location Search — you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
  • Location Sending — you can now detect your location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
  • Appointment Sending — sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending an appointment via SMS

For more info or to download BlackBerry Messenger v6.0, head over to BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Podcasts App Version 1.5 Now Available in North America!

April 26th, 2011

Podcasts RIM has announced in their official blog that the free BlackBerry Podcasts App has been updated to version 1.5. The update is now available for all North American users, a lot of new features that let you search for, browse and listen to many well known podcasts right on your BlackBerry have been added into this new version:

  • Web podcast search
    Looking for that elusive feed? No problem – we’ve integrated Google® search. Now you can quickly search the web for podcasts and RSS feeds to supplement the built-in BlackBerry Podcast catalog. You just select “Add Podcast Channel” within the menu, then type in the feed (or keyword) you are looking for and you will invoke an RSS Google Search from within the app. Another great option is to simply cut and paste the podcast URL, if you already know it, and away you go!
  • Improved Content Presentation within Categories
    We currently have over 3,000 feeds and growing – with many categories having over 100 feeds each! When presenting content within categories, the first 40 listings in each category will be “featured content” – a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds. This helps you find the most compelling content first! However, if you prefer to go through all in alphabetical order, you can select “All Channels” to see all content within the category. It’s now easier than ever to find the podcast you’re looking for with v1.5 of the BlackBerry Podcast app!
  • Preview or Play while downloading
    You don’t have to wait for the entire podcast to download before you can hit play to enjoy the latest feed. You can now preview or play at the same time that you are downloading, just to make sure that you’re downloading exactly what you want to hear.

2011 BlackBerry World Mobile Conference Guide Available in BlackBerry App World Now!

April 21st, 2011

Guide The 2011 BlackBerry World Conference in May is right around the corner, whether you are planning to attend it or not, you can now find the free Mobile Guide App available in BlackBerry App World. With it, you can stay up to date with any news on the BlackBerry World Conference:

The 2011 BlackBerry® World Mobile Conference Guide is an easy way to look up the full breakout session catalog, keynote speakers, community speakers, read up on conference sponsors plus create your schedule before getting to the event. You won’t miss a beat with the apps Event Messages and social channels – all this right from your BlackBerry® device. This will be your onsite tool to fill out surveys, review conference maps, connect with other people attending the conference and even find nearby attractions and restaurants in Orlando FL. This conference app will automatically update you when there are schedule changes, and synchronize with your conference calendar in the My Scheduler tool on your desktop.

Please note: Access to some features are restricted to registered users of the 2011 BlackBerry® World conference.

For more information or to download the BlackBerry World Mobile Guide, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Twitter for BlackBerry Version 1.1 Officially Released !

April 12th, 2011

Twitter RIM has officially released Twitter for BlackBerry v1.1 today, and the updated version will be available in BlackBerry App world just in several hours. Some of new features added in v1.1 include:

  • Tweet Location – Users can tweet their location and share with their followers. And they can also easily view other locations by selecting the location icon that appears in the bottom right corner of their tweet that has this feature enabled.
  • Push @Mentions and #Topic Autocomplete
  • Refreshed Branding – Have updated graphics that reflect the new look of the Twitter brand and a streamlined layout of the Add Photo and Add Location icons on the Home screen.
  • Retweet Updates – The next time you Retweet something, it will appear in your Home timeline as ‘Retweeted by You’, to quickly alert you that your Retweet was sent successfully.
  • New Language Support – Twitter for BlackBerry v1.1 now supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Czech & Thai.

For more details, you van visit Inside BlackBerry.

Download Twitter for BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World.

Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.9.85

March 30th, 2011

4SQ Foursquare for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.9.85 with adding some new features and fixing some bugs reported by users. New Features include:

  • Email/txt tip details – Quickly send a great foursquare tip to a friend via email/txt.
  • New badge detail view.
  • New comments view.
  • Add comments to a shout.
  • Improvements to notifications.
  • Improved memory management and cleanup.
  • Built in help and support for common questions/issues.
  • Streamlined photo view support for profiles.

For more information and to download the new version, go to