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More Specifics For BBX, 4G PlayBook and Native PIM Apps

December 2nd, 2011

It is said that PlayBook and OS 7 devices are anxiously looking forward to BBX devices, Bridge enhancements, and the 4G PlayBook. The details that have been revealed so far give us reason to keep our faith.

Here’s Ronen’s highlights:

  • 4G PlayBooks will launch around the same time (early 2012) as the Playbook 2.0 OS which is scheduled for February 2012. It has been in testing for several months on multiple carriers.
  • PlayBook OS 2.0 will be bringing speed improvements to Bridge without many UI changes. Mostly improvement and functionality. There will be “some updates down the road”
  • RIM has teams working on extending PlayBook video chat into an endpoint for corporate video chat so it is beyond just device to device. (I want to know more!)
  • PlayBook messages and PIM will sync almost as fast as smartphones.
  • The push infrastructure is the same as the current smartphone push but the moderator did not think PIN to PIN messaging was in OS 2.0 yet
  • OS 2.0 will have spell-check with type ahead and word prediction
  • S/MIME encryption will not be available at OS 2.0 launch but will be available shortly after
  • Currently the PlayBook native email does not color code BES vs Personal email
  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion server can handle 10,000+ users per server compared to the current 2,000 user limit.
  • RIM Plans on making more apps be able to connect to the internet over bridge
  • RIM is looking into other PlayBook sizes
  • The 4G PlayBook will not have voice capabilities beside video chat at first. The initial release will be data and video chat. There will also be third party apps that can make regular calls but nothing from RIM.
  • Corporate and personal contacts are in one general list but the device knows which is which. Any new contact will be corporate by default.
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Sprint WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook Comming June 5th?

June 3rd, 2011

playbook-sprint According to Sprint’s Market Director Gerald Evans, Sprint is going to release their WiFi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook on June 5th, 2011. Since there is not an official announcement from Sprint or RIM, so I wonder whether we have to wait much longer or not?  Here is the posted information from Gerald Evans personal blog:

The much anticipated BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet with Wi-Fi® connectivity and 16 GB of storage will go on sale in all Sprint direct ship sales channels, including Sprint Stores, Business Sales, and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) on Sunday, June 5, for $499.99 (plus tax).

Hopefully, we will get the official announcement of the 4G PlayBook from Sprint or RIM soon!

BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Landing Page Goes Live on Sprint Website!

March 21st, 2011

Spring Glad to know that the rumored April launch for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet finally becomes real. Sprint has put up a landing page for the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook while we all are sitting and waiting for an official release date from RIM. Though it doesn’t give us any solid release date, it does state that the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook will be available this summer and have a “Sign Up Now” link to keep us informed of the latest news. This is the first time that the device has appeared on the carrier website, and it seems that Sprint is now preparing for the release of the 4G PlayBook! 

Check out the BlackBerry PlayBook at Sprint