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BlackBerry PlayBook Will Last 8 Hours with Continual Use?

March 24th, 2011


I guess most of us are curious about BlackBerry PlayBook’s battery life, such as: how long the BlackBerry PlayBook will last on earth if we keep using it? Will its battery life (5300mAh) be shorter than iPAD? What the actual battery life is after the official release…Till now, we have not heard any official news about BlackBerry PlayBook’s battery life from RIM. Fortunately, we got to know that “Battery life: 8 hours with continual use” from the PlayBook’s pre-order page posted up by Staples. Supposed that it is correct, then it would be a pretty sweet news to all the PlayBook fans! Anyway, we don’t know the actual battery life for sure until we get our hands on one. Let’s wait for the official release of the PlayBook!