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What the Android App Player Means for BlackBerry

July 28th, 2011


As we all know, Android App Player has leaked for a couple of days and BlackBerry PlayBook can support multi-systems… I am sure, if you have a Blackberry PlayBook and know its features, you will try to install Android App Player on Blackberry PlayBook.

Now i would like to share my experience with you. Yesterday, i installed the leaked Android App Player on to my BlackBerry PlayBook. It was an arduous process that involved several hours of researching, finding bad or poorly worded instructions, and downloading hundreds of megabytes worth of SDK’s (note the plural) and a JRE and a JDK and this and that. That’s a lot of work to install a resource-hogging, semi-functional application. Nevertheless I am amazed.

The Android App Player doesn’t just emulate or represent the Android operating system. It is the Android operating system. Android exists as a virtual machine on the PlayBook tablet. Most people don’t run virtual machines on their home computers, let alone a "mere" tablet.

As best i want to say that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first tablet to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Apart from that, bringing the Android OS to the PlayBook represents a fundamental shift in the app ecosystem.