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YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus App for BlackBerry Smartphones Updated!

June 9th, 2011

00 A new version of YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus App for BlackBerry smartphones has been released, now it stays at version 2.3.4, and is available for free download in BlackBerry App World. The update now allows users to access some website content right from the BlackBerry.

New features added into the updated version are: 

  • In-App community Greetings – Customers can easily browse, search. With a few clicks, YouMail users can let people know they’re in a meeting or on a plane during the day, while turning on humorous greetings (including “Rickrolling”) for friends and family at night.
  • Number Search – YouMail has also added one-click search within its BlackBerry application. YouMail users now need only choose the “Caller Search” menu option to search for more info on the caller’s phone number.

I have tried the upgraded version, it really brings me much convenience and enjoyment! It is a pretty helpful voicemail application for every BlackBerry user.

For more info or to download, visit BlackBerry App World!

Free AIR Brower App for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available in BlackBerry App World

May 24th, 2011

AIR Browser AIR Brower App for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a free file explorer utility that allows PlayBook users to explore files and folders of the PlayBook and know more of the PlayBook’s file system. With the App on hand, users can browse directories, cut, copy and paste files as well as rename and delete files or folders. AIR Brower App can work smoothly on the PlayBook just like windows explorer does on a PC! 

For more info or to download AIR Brower App, just go to BlackBerry App World!

New BlackBerry Feedback Tool Available for Free Download in BlackBerry App World Now!

May 13th, 2011

BB Feedback If you’ve ever had an issue with an App or met some problem when using your BlackBerry, or had some opinion on BlackBerry functions or features, or anything that you would like RIM to hear, now you can voice all your opinions to RIM with the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool. The new BlackBerry Feedback Tool will let you voice be heard from anywhere on your device:

Express yourself with the BlackBerry Feedback Tool – a feedback application especially for your BlackBerry! Once you download the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, it is available in your device menu at all times and can be used to send feedback on BlackBerry features, functions and applications at any time! We want to hear from you!

Let RIM know what are you thinking and what’s bugging you to help make BlackBerry a much better platform. The App supports most devices, however, it is only available for Canada, UK and US users currently.

For more info or to download the new BlackBerry Feedback Tool, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook Available for Download Now!

May 4th, 2011

FB Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for free download in BlackBerry App World now. The App is coming with lots of features:

Facebook® for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is an optimized application that delivers a highly engaging experience by integrating popular features and functionality of Facebook®. You can browse and interact with highlights in the News Feed, post status updates and easily upload photos to your Wall from the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Picture Library, connect with your Facebook friends instantly using Facebook Chat, see Profiles and Pages, seamlessly view links and videos in the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ browser, and even view photos and videos in full 1080p HD by connecting the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ to an HD TV.

BlackBerry Podcasts App Version 1.5 Now Available in North America!

April 26th, 2011

Podcasts RIM has announced in their official blog that the free BlackBerry Podcasts App has been updated to version 1.5. The update is now available for all North American users, a lot of new features that let you search for, browse and listen to many well known podcasts right on your BlackBerry have been added into this new version:

  • Web podcast search
    Looking for that elusive feed? No problem – we’ve integrated Google® search. Now you can quickly search the web for podcasts and RSS feeds to supplement the built-in BlackBerry Podcast catalog. You just select “Add Podcast Channel” within the menu, then type in the feed (or keyword) you are looking for and you will invoke an RSS Google Search from within the app. Another great option is to simply cut and paste the podcast URL, if you already know it, and away you go!
  • Improved Content Presentation within Categories
    We currently have over 3,000 feeds and growing – with many categories having over 100 feeds each! When presenting content within categories, the first 40 listings in each category will be “featured content” – a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds. This helps you find the most compelling content first! However, if you prefer to go through all in alphabetical order, you can select “All Channels” to see all content within the category. It’s now easier than ever to find the podcast you’re looking for with v1.5 of the BlackBerry Podcast app!
  • Preview or Play while downloading
    You don’t have to wait for the entire podcast to download before you can hit play to enjoy the latest feed. You can now preview or play at the same time that you are downloading, just to make sure that you’re downloading exactly what you want to hear.

BlackBerry Messenger Updated Version Now Available!

March 30th, 2011

BBM It’s been a while since we’ve seen an update to BlackBerry Messenger. Now, RIM has officially released BlackBerry Messenger version, and it is now available for download. No word on what is new in this version, so it leaves to you to figure out the changes.

For more information or to download the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger, head over to, or download it directly from BlackBerry App World.