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BlackBerry Giveaways in NYC With “NYC Holiday Hookups from BlackBerry”

December 8th, 2011





RIM is celebrating the holiday season in New York City this year with BlackBerry Teams roaming the city for “NYC Holiday Hookups from BlackBerry.” The fun starts today until December 17th with BlackBerry teams around NYC doing exclusive giveaways. If you live in NYC or are visiting NYC keep an eye out for BlackBerry “Alerts” image006 and scan the barcode on the back to add RIM to your BBM list.

RIM will be promoting offers for BlackBerry users in New York giving away BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 devices, accessories, and coffee gift cards to keep you warm as it gets colder! Let us know if you spot anything. I will definitely be keeping an eye out when I am roaming the city.