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The Introduction of BBX

October 19th, 2011

Lazaridis took the stage to kick off DevCon with a keynote that started off talking about the growth of the platform. He talked about the increase in subscriber base, BBM users and the benefits of being a developer for the BlackBerry platform. Some of the numbers include 70 million subscribers, 25 million downloads of BBM apps (foursquare had 200,000 downloads in one day) and something like 80 million BBM users. The biggest announcement so far is the introduction of BBX, the combination of QNX and BlackBerry.


BBX is the combination of QNX and BlackBerry and Lazaridis says this is a huge transition for the company. “The whole company is aligning behind a single platform and vision” says Mike. The new BBX will take the best of QNX and the best of BlackBerry to create a single OS that can service a wide range of devices and use cases.

The new BBX will allow for a range of managed devices in the cloud. It’s a pretty amazing unified vision. It will include everything from PlayBook, to smartphones, Enterprize and Cloud services, and embedded systems like cars.

HTML 5 is a big part of the platform and is described as “the bridge between BlackBerry 6, BlackBerry 7 and BBX.” The idea is that you can write once and deploy everywhere, on all platforms.

Generally, RIM has made a huge push to give developers zero reason to bring their apps over to the BlackBerry Platform. We’ll have more to show you very shortly.

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