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A Sneak Peak Into The Future With

May 23rd, 2010 We were given a few snapshots of the new look and UI of and we’re curious to know what else has changed, because it’s looking good! I’m very curious to see what else has been changed and added. If you haven’t heard of, here’s what the app is all about.

I’m so curious to find out what’s going to be new, so keep your eyes open. Currently there are two different versions, the Free and the Pro. Of course the free is limited in customization but some of us don’t mind. The pro version is $29.99 and is fully customizable. Here’s the features for the Pro.

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Google Maps Mobile for BlackBerry

April 12th, 2010

google-maps-blackberry Download Google Maps for BlackBerry to your phone, and never carry a paper map again !

New version 4.0 with Google Buzz, Search by voice, !

Download:Visit this URL in your phone’s browser:

* My Location (watch video). See your location on a map, even if you don’t have GPS.
* Business listings. Search for any business or category of interest. Read more…

Updated: Ringo Lights up your BlackBerry

April 8th, 2010

ringologo A short time ago, Ringo ringtone application has been recently updated. Originally, a user could create custom tones to alert them of incoming calls, email or SMS. With this new update, Ringo now allows you to customize a flashing LED notification, allowing for audible and visual alerts. This is a great addition, as some users want to set their phone to silent, but still receive notifications. The main features include:

  • Easily use your own MP3 music as ringtones and message alerts
  • Set unique ringtones for each of your friends

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Official WES 2010 Mobile Guide App – Now Available from App World

April 6th, 2010

wes-2010-app-125x125 RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2010 is getting really close, and we expect to see big announcements this year. To get ready for WES, RIM has just launched the official WES Mobile Guide in BlackBerry App World. This App will be your connection to the latest news, events, and it even syncs with your calender. You can download it from BlackBerry App World or by visiting this link on your PC.

Tumblr for BlackBerry: Video Bug but Overall Quality App

April 5th, 2010

official_tumblr_app Recently, Tumblr released the first official version of its Blackberry app, and as a Tumblr user myself, I thought I would give it a review.

First, the visuals. Those familiar with Tumblr’s iPhone app will feel at home. From desaturated blue to light gray, Tumblr’s color scheme looks good on my 9700’s bright screen.

On the main menu, there are the usual options for sending data to Tumblr: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video, each with icons identical to Tumbr’s web site. Access to each of these menus is accompanied by smooth, wipe transitions. In the upper left-hand corner, users can access their Tumblr dashboards, and in the upper right-hand, settings.

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The Hockey News for BlackBerry Launches VIP Mobile with In-App Alerts

March 28th, 2010

Capture1_56_400 The Hockey News has announced that they’ll be beefing up their service and offering in-app and text message alerts. The Hockey News app has been available for BlackBerry for a while now, but users looking to get more from the app may wish to sign up for the new VIP service. For $2/month, you can sign up to receive alerts in the THN application during games, where you will receive reminders as pop-up alerts when running the application. Users can also sign up to receive text message alerts if they prefer. Sadly the BlackBerry version won’t include the additional mobile video thats included in the iPhone version (surprise). For more information, check out The Hockey News in BlackBerry App World. Read the full press release after the jump.

Google Search Updated to v3.6.13; Google Sync Updated to v0.7.2

March 25th, 2010

google-mobile-app-blackberry-email-search I guess Google likes to kick out all of their updates at once. Yesterday we noted that the Google Voice app had been updated, and it appears that both the Google Search and Google Sync got a jump as well. The Google Search app now sits at version 3.6.13 and is said to be working on the Storm now. This app lets you easily search mail and contacts on your device. The Google Sync app has been updated to 0.7.2. No word of whats new, but as in the case of the others, most likely just some minor bug fixes. Hit the links below from your device to download.

Spring into Spring with BlackBerry Apps

March 24th, 2010

spring_logo You stand there, staring into the cold eyes of your adversary. For months they have been taunting you and now, in their fall from grace, they attempt to deny their fate. You approach your foe with a renewed confidence- the last snowman of winter. You watch as he slowly melts away and imagine hearing its silent screams. With its last moments, it defiantly raises its arm/branch and flips you the bird before fading away.

Folks, welcome to Spring!

Okay so it was a little over dramatic, but you try growing up with Winters where your nostrils stick together every time you breathe. Love it or hate it, Winter is gone and Spring is here. It’s a season of new beginnings and with that, new projects. Why not get them started the right way, with the right apps on your BlackBerry? The sooner you tackle them, the sooner you can enjoy Spring before Summer comes along.

For more information, please visit crackberry forum at here

GoDaddy Mobile App for BlackBerry

March 21st, 2010

godaddy I couldn’t help but wonder when GoDaddy was going to come out with an official app for BlackBerry. This past week, it arrived! You can use it to manage your domain names, search for new domain purchases, access mobile mail, manage your email and hosting options, and much more. This is a must have if you manage domains, hosting or anything else at GoDaddy.

Download GoDaddy Mobile OTA >

CardStar App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming May 1st

March 17th, 2010

blackberry-storm_0 CardStarIts is a very cool little app that lets you store all of your "convenience cards" in one place. Instead of having loads of cards or keytags for the video store, gym, car rental agencies, pet store, library, hotels or supermarkets, you just need the CardStar app on your mobile device. You simply enter your card information, and the bardcode can be displayed right on the screen. No more carting around loads of plastic cards that get lost and worn out. There are loads of retailers in the CardStar database, and you can submit a request for addional retailers if yours isn’t listed in the system.

The CardStar app is listed as coming soon, and a tweet by @mycardstard yesterday stated the app will be hitting BlackBerry on May 1st. Definitely something to look forward to. I’m excited to ditch all those worn out tags on my keychain in favor of this app. For more details, hit up Thanks to Ben for sending this in!