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Free Precision Weather Theme for BlackBerry Curve 8900 & Bold 9000

September 26th, 2009

This is just like the Precision theme that comes with the newest devices, but with some improvements.

In the top right corner there is now a spot for a weather icon. Just make your weather application the 7th in the list on your application screen and you’ll have the weather at a glance on your main screen!

Shortcut keys have also been added to help you navigate through your device faster.

  • E – Media
  • R -Video Recorder (set the light to come on automatically and you have a flashlight!)
  • Y – SMS & MMS
  • F – Profiles (for those running OS 5.0 where this shortcut is removed)
  • Z – Blackberry Maps
  • X – WeatherBug (if installed)

Download OTA (from your Blackberry):

Curve 8900: Click here

Bold 9000: Click here