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BlackBerry Free Themes for Bold and Storm

April 13th, 2010

The themes below are available for BlackBerry Bold 9000 :

Hidden Dock: OTA                                          Facebook 9000: OTA

hhidden-dock        facebook-9000-300x200

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Free Themes for BlackBerry Touchscreen

March 30th, 2010

VXP Available Versions:
Original + Weather Slot
Original + QuickLaunch
Original – No Weather Slot (Fixed slot issue )
QuickLaunch – No Weather Slot (Fixed slot issue )
NEW: Original + Weather Slot and Hidden Today
NEW: Original and Hidden Today – No Weather Slot
NEW: Original and Hidden Today + Weather + QL
All OTA links are here:
StaticFX Storm Themes

Still planning on a HT version…
and possibly a 9700 version…

Free Themes for Touchscreen BlackBerry

March 23rd, 2010

oldskool Old skool (8100-8300) theme for Storm, this theme will take you back to another time on your touch BB, with the look of the old Dimension themes. Featuring the menus and icons we all know from those older devices, you can rock the look of that old Pearl or Curve device right there on your Storm. You have the choice of going completely old school with the traditional "L" layout, or running a hidden dock with weather.

Two versions to choose from, a authentic L style and a Sliding dock the WB.
** Modified the theme for a better all-round experience on both s1 &s2.
** fixed icons looking blurred.
** increased speed
** a few fonts, transitions and background edits
** new lock-screen

Free theme for BlackBerry: OTAs are here
Dimension Slider: Here
Dimension L: Here

Free Themes for Non-Touchscreen BlackBerry

March 22nd, 2010

Neo-Dimension Our first pick of the week is Neo-Dimension Plus by DMac. Keeping it old school this week on the free themes, I was tipped off to this one yesterday. This theme gives you that 4.2 OS feel with the Dimension icons and menus, but adds the functionality of a weather slot, hidden today area, and hot-spots for clock, manage connection, etc. Download link (OTA): Neo-Dimension Plus V1.1 **For 8900, 9600, 9700 running software version 5.0

Here are the theme highlights:
•Custom icons based on the Dimension themes
•8 user changable applications across the bottom of the homescreen (the first 8 icons from your main application list)

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bCard: Free Cover Flow-style Theme

March 15th, 2010

bcard1 bCard is a Coverflow-style theme with app cards for the major apps and some customization options. Here are some of the highlights:
* App cards for the major applications, such as Messages, Calendar, Browser, Music, and more.
* Hidden today.
* Application bar along the bottom of the screen for Facebook, a Twitter app, and Profile.
* Slide-out dock along the left-side of the screen with 5 customizable applications (based on device app order).
* Weather slot.
* Keyboard shortcuts: Spacebar for QuickLaunch, $ for SMS/MMS, ALT+S or ALT+P for SearchIt.
* 5.0 Transitions                                                                                        OTA Download
Another special feature for this theme is that the Browser card and the Twitter option are based off of device app order. This was to give people the option to have the Browser icon launch their browser of choice (built-in, BOLT, or Opera Mini), and the same for Twitter, instead of hard-coding these links. The device order works like this:
Slot 1: Weather
Slot 2: Search
Slot 3: Browser
Slot 4: Twitter
Slots 5 to 9: Dock

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