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BlackBerry 9800 Slider headed for AT&T

June 25th, 2010

bb-slider-em The BlackBerry Slider is finally seen in its official final state, and is heading for AT&T. engadget has the photos of the AT&T branded Slider running OS 6 and they say it’s the final version. There is still no official word of a final name, Bold or Torch, but the Slider will soon be a reality on AT&T. engadget says,
"This particular phone is AT&T-branded, and it starts up with a carrier logo screen that proudly proclaims the 9800 a world phone — sure enough, the About screen shows support for WCDMA bands I, II, V, and VI, which means you’ll be able to use the phone for 3G service in Japan and most of Europe. "

A Sneak Peak Into The Future With

May 23rd, 2010 We were given a few snapshots of the new look and UI of and we’re curious to know what else has changed, because it’s looking good! I’m very curious to see what else has been changed and added. If you haven’t heard of, here’s what the app is all about.

I’m so curious to find out what’s going to be new, so keep your eyes open. Currently there are two different versions, the Free and the Pro. Of course the free is limited in customization but some of us don’t mind. The pro version is $29.99 and is fully customizable. Here’s the features for the Pro.

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Avatar “Neytiri’ Theme from Airborne Mobile

May 9th, 2010

Avatar-1 Everyone knows the movie for its stunning visual graphics and the images alone on this theme are certainly very nice…but overall I’m not impressed. Firstly, the theme lagged for me. Secondly, the nice wallpapers have trademark/copyright information stamped at the bottom. I’m sure the theme designer had their reasons but ‘eh’ it’s kinda of annoying. Also, the icons, unopened message icons, dialog buttons, battery/signal meters…even the little ‘ring’ notifiers, while nice, are not original because I’ve seen the exact same ones used by another theme developer. With a theme of this caliber (and price) why not be original? All in all, it’s not an awful theme but if it wasn’t for the attractive wallpapers, and the fact that the person using it would have to be a die hard Avatar fan, I don’t think it’s worth $5.99. Remember though, this is just my opinion.  I realize the theme developer probably had to pay for license rights but in that case, and for that price, give us a great theme…not a so-so one. For those of you still willing to take the plunge, you can buy Avatar theme at our Berryreview Store. There’s also a ‘Jake’ version available as well. Available for a variety of BlackBerry devices.

S4BB Rolls Out Beta 4 Release Of Data Backup For BlackBerry

May 5th, 2010

databackup_beta4_9700_mainscreen_169x293 Now, S4BB has put in a lot of bug fixes and updated the application to have more features. Essentially if you are in need of a data backup solution and don’t mind being a beta tester, this is something you may want to look into signing up for.

Rather then making use of cloud storage, Data Backup stores all your information directly to your already in place SDCard or internal device memory. Cloud storage is always a good option but personally, I like to keep my backups in more than one place. Running this app and a cloud based solution helps keep a back up always available should the need ever arise.

BIS Two-Way Sync for Gmail Finally Live?!!

May 3rd, 2010

bis3_0nao Over the weekend we had tons of reports that two-way Gmail sync on BIS was finally alive and kicking. The feature should allow for synching of both read/unread messages, as well showing sent messages on your device that were composed in the Gmail web app. While it doesn’t seem to be working for everyone (myself included), it looks like a ton of users are up and running. I did manage to get my sent messages to sync up, however anything beyond that is a no go on my end. So we want to know if its working for you. Leave a comment and let us know (yay or nay) and be sure to include your device/carrier information as well. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

BlackBerry 9670 custom-made for Verizon?

April 28th, 2010

blackberry9670-leak The just recently uncovered BlackBerry 9670 may have been made just for Verizon and its partner Vodafone if a leak on Wednesday is truthful. Verizon reportedly called on RIM to create the custom design and even supplied the hardware criteria, which included a five-megapixel camera, the clamshell QWERTY design and a new interface, which is now likely to be BlackBerry OS 6.0. It would be an exclusive in the US for Verizon and would get a Vodafone GSM equivalent in Europe.

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Rogers and TELUS announce BlackBerry Pearl 3G is Coming!

April 26th, 2010

CanadaFlag-400x201 It certainly didn’t take long for two Canada’s major three to announce the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is coming soon! Both Rogers and TELUS announced its coming soon. While Rogers didn’t give much details, TELUS announced its coming soon, and that they will have the exclusive rights to the pink colored model. TELUS also announced the Pearl 3G will be priced at $29.99 with a three year contract. We haven’t heard from Bell just yet, but we expect they’ll catch up in a few hours. Regardless this is great news for Canadian customers looking to grab the new Pearl 3G. More details will follow soon…

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 dummy units hit Rogers shops

April 25th, 2010

bb9100dummyin The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and flagship Bold 9700 in white are due at Canadian wireless provider Rogers soon, as these leaked images of dummy devices reveal. The Pearl 9100 will evidently be offered in a dark metallic red, though other colors are likely to arrive later on as well.

The 9105 has the distinction of being the first BlackBerry device to break with tradition by getting a T9 keypad as opposed to a QWERTY layout. Another leak revealed the handset will cost $450 CAD unsubsidized at Rogers and competitor Bell.

Images of BlackBerry Pearl 9105 with T9 keypad emerge

April 19th, 2010

bb9105 Newly leaked images seem to confirm that the BlackBerry Pearl 9105 will indeed sport a T9 keypad rather than a hardware QWERTY keyboard usually found on BlackBerry handsets. The images of the device mirror the render nearly identically, though the configuration settings in Input Options are unchanged from those of the current Pearl and Pearl Flip.

The device was originally believed to be offered only in Europe as soon as May or June, but the device may also arrive in the US, according to this latest report.

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Get free Belladonna for BlackBerry

April 18th, 2010

screenshot_3 If you’re looking for a bit more motivation to get through your day, Belladonna may have your answer. This simple app gives you twice-a-day motivational and inspirational quotes that popup during the day. Accompanied by music, these popups give you a little push to keep on truckin’. Also included is a wallpaper changer that will keep a selection of soothing images on your homescreen background. Belladonna is available free until May 16th – just use the code BELLA at checkout. Be sure to visit the mobile app store or the coupon code will not work.