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Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger!

October 21st, 2011

Gary Klassen, Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger

Ever wonder who actually invented BlackBerry Messenger? You’re looking at him above. That’s Gary Klassen, a Software Developer at Research In Motion for over 10 years now, and he is the man who literally wrote the code for version 1.0 of BlackBerry Messenger. Seriously, this guy is a celebrity in my book. Statues should be erected in Gary’s honor.  

We all know BlackBerry Messenger is one of the biggest hooks the BlackBerry platform has. Research In Motion originally made its mark in the world with push email, but in recent years it is BBM that has become the killer feature the company gets the most kudos for. Especially in the consumer space, BlackBerry Messenger is the must-have application that attracts people to buying a BlackBerry Smartphone and keeps them from switching to another platform when it comes time to upgrade. I’m not going to try and calculate where RIM would be today if they did not have BBM – all I know is they would not be in nearly as good a position.

Companies are made of people and all too often it’s the company itself and/or its founders who get to reap the credit for innovations produced. 

BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform Now in Beta!

March 15th, 2011

bbm At BlackBerry DEVCON 2010, Research In Motion (RIM) announced the BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) Social Platform. Now, the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform has officially gone into public beta. With this beta release, Java Developers have the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Access and update fields in the user’s profile such as status, avatar and personal message;
  • Create their own custom areas within the user’s profile for promoting recent application activity or storing trophies and achievements;
  • Initiate and embed chats with friends;
  • Initiate application-to-application background communication through BBM for sending and receiving application instructions, such as moves in a game or any other application state changes;
  • Initiate file transfers;
  • The ability to share applications virally with friends in their contact list.
    To get started with the BBM Social Platform beta and review all the features supported, head over to BlackBerry Developer Zone’s BBM Social Platform page.

Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger Coming to Android and iOS Devices?

March 4th, 2011

BBM BGR just announced an exclusive that RIM is planning to bring its popular BlackBerry Messenger App to Android and iOS devices according to some “trusted sources”. According to BGR, RIM has not finalized the release dates or pricing yet, the company might release the application for free to all users.

Here are some details quoted from BGR:

As far as what Android and iOS users can look forward to, we’ve been told RIM will offer stripped down versions of the BBM experience BlackBerry owners know and love. That way, Android and iOS users can communicate with practically anyone who has a smartphone using BBM, but they might not be able to share photos, location, or videos (when RIM crosses that bridge). Users who want the full BlackBerry Messenger experience will still need a BlackBerry smartphone to get it. At the same time, RIM could own the entire messaging app category on every major smartphone OS platform and could potentially draw new users in because it has given them a taste of what BlackBerry Messenger is all about.

Right now, we have heard that Android is definitely a go. But again, we’re not sure on timing, though our sources are confident that it will launch some time this year. RIM chose Android first because of the fact that it could develop and integrate something like this much easier with an open platform, but the plan is to build and deploy an iOS version at some point as well.

I don’t know if this is a good thing for RIM or not? What do you think if BBM could be used on any other platforms?

BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.2.11 Now Available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

February 17th, 2011


The latest version of BlackBerry Messenger is not available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. It seems that there aren’t any big improvements in this new beta version, and if you like, you can have a try.

Here are some fixes included in this new release:

  • If you are running BlackBerry® 6.0, a cursor might not have appeared when you scrolled through previous messages in a chat.
  • If you turned on content protection, when you received a new message, you might have seen a “Content protection is enabled” message.
  • If a person invites you to become a contact during a multi-person chat with you, and if you accepted the request, the contact might not have appeared on your contact list.

For more info and to get the new beta sign in/up at

Video: New BlackBerry Messenger Commercial – the BBM Flirt!

February 16th, 2011

From above BlackBerry Messenger commercial posted by RIM, we can see that RIM has advertised BlackBerry Messenger a lot recently. Anyway, BlackBerry Messenger does rock, and I believe it is one of the most useful applications for people with a BlackBerry on hand. Enjoy the video – BBM Flirt!

For details about BlackBerry Messenger, just head over to