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Top 10 BlackBerry Tips

March 1st, 2010

BlackBerrys have a lot of settings hidden in the OS. Here are some of the most popular BlackBerry Tips for any user.

  1. Switch the signal bars to decibels – If you want a more precise measurement of your wireless signal, just hold down the ALT button while typing N M L L. The meter on the main screen will change to a number. Do these steps again to change it back.
  2. Give the audio a boost – Many people say that the ringtone or music isn’t loud enough on the BlackBerry. Go to Menu > Options > Audio Boost > On.
  3. Enable separate app for SMS text messages – Don’t like your email crammed in with text messages? Separate them by going to Messages > Menu > Options > SMS and Email Inboxes > Separate.
  4. Quick period – At the end of a sentence, press the Space key twice and a period will be typed automatically.
  5. Switch to another program – Hold the ALT key and press Escape. Continue to hold ALT and select the program you want to switch to.
  6. Send your PIN – Need to send somebody your PIN so you can communicate with them? Just type MYPIN in an email or text message and the text will change to your actual pin number.
  7. Start in Safe Mode – Install an app that screwed things up? Start in Safe Mode so you can get rid of it. Remove and reinsert the battery, then when the light goes off while starting, press and hold the Escape button until the main screen loads.
  8. Add more callers – Press Menu while on a call and select Add Participant if you wish to add more people to the call.
  9. RebootALT + CAPS + Delete reboots the device.
  10. Change ring tone – Don’t like the default ring tone? Change it under Menu > Profiles > Advanced > (Active profile) > Phone > Ring Tone.

How Do I Get My Calendar to Sync Wireless on My Blackberry Storm?

March 1st, 2010

The BlackBerry Storm smart phone has several applications that allow users to organize their contact information and upcoming events. You can synchronize your BlackBerry Storm with your computer to keep your information up to date. The wireless synchronization feature for the calendar is available to users who have access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Software, which is commonly used by businesses to assist employees in keeping their data current.


Step 1: Click the "Setup" folder and tap "Setup Wizard."

Step 2: Select "I Want to Use a Work Email Account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server" and choose "Next."

Step 3: Enter your email account information and click "Save."

Step 4: Tap the "Calendar" icon on your Blackberry Storm LCD screen to bring up your calendar.

Step 5: Choose "Options" and pick the calendar you want to synchronize to your computer.

Step 6: Select "Yes" in the "Wireless Synchronization" drop-down menu.

Step 7: Press the "Menu" button on the Blackberry Storm and choose "Save" from the drop down menu to save the calendar’s wireless synchronization settings.