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Most Popular Tips and Tricks for Your BlackBerry

December 13th, 2010


  • Turn on the backlighting –> Press Power button. 9800
  • Switch to another program –> Hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold the Alt key and select a program. Release the Alt key to switch to that program.
  • Exit a screen or dialog box –> Press the Escape button.
  • Insert a period –> Press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized.
  • Insert the at sign (@) and periods in an Email field –> Press the Space key.
  • Type an accent or special character –> Hold the letter key and roll the trackball.
  • Capitalize a letter –> Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.
  • Move the cursor in a different direction –> The Alt key and roll the trackball.
  • Change an option field –> Hold the Alt key. Click a value.
  • Move to an item in a list or menu –> Press the first letter of the item.
  • Select a check box –> Press the Space key. To clear the check box, press the Space key again.
  • Select a line of text –> Press the Shift key and roll the trackball.
  • Move down a screen –> Press the Space key.
  • Move up a screen –> Press the Shift key + the Space key.

Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS – For Dummies

June 14th, 2010

10414 There are many reasons why users might install a leaked BlackBerry OS upgrade on their smartphones, for some it is the desperate need to fix a problem, performance improvements and other issues, while for some it is just a matter of numbers, always having the latest and newest device software on their BlackBerry smartphone. So while we publish news on leaked BlackBerry OS releases, we thought it would be a good idea to write a tutorial on "How to Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS" for Dummies. A simple, clean and descriptive walk through the process of updating your BlackBerry device software.

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How To Wipe Your BlackBerry And Restore It Back To Factory Defaults

May 4th, 2010

security_wipe_screen I don’t know why questions often seem to come in bunches, however, over the last week or two, I’ve been asked how to wipe a BlackBerry and restore it back to factory defaults at least half a dozen times.  The process is pretty straight forward, but not something that many BlackBerry users do, so we’ve put together a little tutorial to walk you through it.

How To Security Wipe Your BlackBerry

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HowTo Reboot Your BlackBerry

April 29th, 2010

Well, this is short task but sometimes you might need it. Some programs out there like the free VoIP application BBCalls, BerryDialer or the vCardMaster still need a reboot after installation. Why? Because they are plugging functionality into the BlackBerry OS. You can for example set up the BerryDialer for using calling cards by entering your calling card numbers. Then you just go to your address book because you want to call somebody. In the address book’s menu you can find a command that directly calls your contact using the calling card. So getting this command shown you need to reboot your BlackBerry.

But how to reboot the BlackBerry?

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How Do I Get iTunes on My Blackberry Storm?

April 27th, 2010

itunes-for-blackberry The BlackBerry Storm mobile device can also store your iTunes music when it is connected to a computer that has the BlackBerry Media Sync or BlackBerry Desktop Manager program installed. The BlackBerry Media Sync program is compatible with Windows PCs running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later, and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is compatible with Macintosh computers running Leopard version 5.5 or later. Once the device is connected to your computer, you have the option of syncing specific playlists or random music to your BlackBerry Storm.

Things You’ll Need:

BlackBerry USB cable
iTunes 7.7.1 or later
BlackBerry Desktop Manager or BlackBerry Media Syc

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How to Remove the Internet History From a BlackBerry

April 18th, 2010

images The BlackBerry browser stores your browsing history for a certain amount of days. If you use the Internet on your phone a lot, it can start to get bogged down and slow from the browser using too much memory. Also, if you are using too much memory, the phone may start to automatically delete your messages. You can remove your Internet browsing history to help clear memory on your BlackBerry.

Step 1: Open your BlackBerry’s web browser.

Step 2: Press the "Menu" key. This is the button left of the trackball.

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How to Set Up an Email for a Blackberry Storm

April 14th, 2010

images The BlackBerry Storm was the first touch screen model of the popular BlackBerry series of smart phones. The Storm, like other Blackberry models, allows users to easily configure email accounts to their devices. Once set up, the Storm will alert users to new emails and allow them to check their inbox without having to sign in every time.

Step 1: Tap "Setup" on your BlackBerry Storm home screen.

Step 2: Tap "Setup Wizard" to open your Storm’s basic setup. A menu list of setup options appears.

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How to Unlock the Keyboard for a Blackberry Pearl

April 13th, 2010

BlackBerry Pearl Locking the keyboard on your BlackBerry will prevent you from accidentally typing in phone numbers and messages while the phone is in your purse or pocket. You can even set up a password for extra security if you have confidential information stored on your phone. To unlock it you need to either know your password or use the default code.

Step 1: Press any key to take your phone out of standby mode. If you locked the keyboard you will see a message preventing you from performing any other actions (continue to Step 2). If you did not lock the keyboard just press any key and you can use your phone.
Step 2: Select "Unlock."
Step 3: Enter your password or press and hold "*" and "Send" simultaneously to unlock the phone.

How to Edit BlackBerry Themes

April 8th, 2010

BlackBerry Bols One of the appealing aspects of the BlackBerry is that it’s customizable to your needs. BlackBerry themes allow you to adjust the layout and appearance of the icons and applications on the screen. Each BlackBerry comes equipped with several themes. You can also download themes from the Internet for greater variety.


  • Step 1: Access the BlackBerry applications screen. An easy way to do this is by pressing the "Menu" button, which is the button to the immediate left of the trackball that has the BlackBerry logo imprinted on it.

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    How to Put Music on a Blackberry Storm

    April 7th, 2010

    put-music-blackberry-storm-200X200 Although the BlackBerry Storm is primarily used as a business-centric phone equipped with email handlers and a robust browser system, the BlackBerry Storm also has plenty of nonbusiness-related features including media player capabilities. Putting music on your BlackBerry Storm is very easy, and you’ll be able to listen to all your favorite tunes on your BlackBerry in no time.


    Step 1: Connect your BlackBerry to your computer. Plug the small end of a standard mini-USB cord into your Storm, and then plug the large end into a standard USB port. After the BlackBerry is plugged in, a little message will pop up letting you know that the BlackBerry has been connected. If this is your first time connecting your phone to the computer, you may need to install some drivers by clicking on a few prompts.

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