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Why BlackBerry over iPhone?

August 16th, 2009


Q: Why BlackBerry over iPhone?

Hey guys, im an iphone user but im not trying to stir up something. Just wanted to know, why did you choose the BlackBerryBold over the iPhone. I’ve done careful research before purchasing the iPhone and found that the iphone(imo) totally surpass almost everything the BlackBerry can do.

Other than better email support and battery life, may i know why you chose the BBb over the iPhone?

A: Because I could afford a BlackBerry whereas the iPhone was alot more expensive.

B: I would have had to change networks to get an iphone.

I like the network I’m on.

When getting my Bold, (8 months ago) the iphone still didnt have MMS.

I prefer the physical keyboard.

I didnt want to pay a ridiculas amount of money. Read more…

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