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News From CrackBerry for BlackBerry SmartPhone

March 16th, 2010

bold-nowplaying * Note: Turns out the beta isn’t available for the Storm just yet. If you have a Storm and want in on the beta send an email to and they’ll get you the Storm version when it becomes available. Sorry about that! *

PushLife is a new music application for BlackBerry Smartphones that seeks to change how you listen to and manage your music on your BlackBerry. Managing music on mobile devices has never really been an easy task for me. It seems no matter how much effort I put into organizing and ensuring items are named and tagged correctly I always end up with a disorganized batch of music on my BlackBerry. After checking out PushLife, I’m liking what I see and it looks to be a way to keep my music better organized.

Now, the folks at PushLife are getting set to release their application via a major carrier announcement next month but as an exclusive offer to the CrackBerry community they’ve given us a slightly slimmed down version of what will be released for CrackBerry readers to check out (music purchasing disabled in this version). iTunes and Windows Media player synchronization, Twitter sharing of music, editing of ID3 tags on the go and more. That’s just some of the features available in PushLife so read on for more information. As for getting in the beta, PushLife is going to limit to the first thousand beta testers, so visit from your BlackBerry’s web browser to download it now!

CrackBerry Podcast 048: MWC Debrief on WebKit Browser, BESX and Super Apps; Olympic Talk and More!

February 25th, 2010

crackberrypodcastlogobeta We’re bacccCKKKK! I guess we’re getting pretty good with this bi-weekly podcast thiing. In this CrackBerry Radio episode we go through all of the BlackBerry news that was Mobile World Congress 2010 and we catch up on other app announcements and BlackBerry news and rumor. We kick it CrackBerry old school on this one which means we go a bit long and off topic, but hardcore enthusiasts will appreciate it regardless. We even talk Olympic curling and hockey and Bla1ze gets passionate. Enough typing. Hit play above to listen and enjoy the show!!

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