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BlackBerry PlayBook Used to Record Soundgarden Concert in Vancouver

August 1st, 2011

Today afternoon, as a my habit, i tried to learn something from some BlackBerry websites. Oops, it is a good luck. I listened the Soundgarden Concert. Although i did not go to the site, but it seems that i have experienced for myself.

Here is another awesome example of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s video recording capabilities. CrackBerry member guyhockey took his PlayBook with him to a recent Soundgarden concert, and used it to record the first two songs of the concert! Not only does the video look great even under challenging lighting conditions, but the audio is pretty awesome as well. Don’t be afraid to watch this one in 1080p and full screen, it looks terrific. Guyhockey previously posted a video taken with his PlayBook on a rollercoaster, which is also pretty cool.

If you also want to listen to this magic performance, please visit:

A Leaked of BlackBerry Torch 9810 Device Simulator

June 29th, 2011



Maybe you have heard something about the new leaked BlackBerry Torch 9810 Device Simulator. It’s been a short while online since we saw a new BlackBerry Torch 9810. Recently there are no many places and words to describe this new leaked, so for the time being we haven’t know what improvements does this BlackBerry device have. We would like to remind you this is just a leaked and is not a approved official version from RIM. It’s unclear when the highly leaked BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be announced by RIM, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start playing around with this second generation BlackBerry Torch. CrackBerry has just posted up an updated version of the Torch 9810 device simulator. This latest download lets you take a peak at RIM’S upcoming BlackBerry 7 OS update and is designed for developers to test their apps. But if you’re bored and have a minute to play around then check it out.

But we still have much expect for it. Looking forwarding to see BlackBerry Torch 9810 Device Simulator. Maybe we may have a try of BlackBerry Torch 9810.