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Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger!

October 21st, 2011

Gary Klassen, Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger

Ever wonder who actually invented BlackBerry Messenger? You’re looking at him above. That’s Gary Klassen, a Software Developer at Research In Motion for over 10 years now, and he is the man who literally wrote the code for version 1.0 of BlackBerry Messenger. Seriously, this guy is a celebrity in my book. Statues should be erected in Gary’s honor.  

We all know BlackBerry Messenger is one of the biggest hooks the BlackBerry platform has. Research In Motion originally made its mark in the world with push email, but in recent years it is BBM that has become the killer feature the company gets the most kudos for. Especially in the consumer space, BlackBerry Messenger is the must-have application that attracts people to buying a BlackBerry Smartphone and keeps them from switching to another platform when it comes time to upgrade. I’m not going to try and calculate where RIM would be today if they did not have BBM – all I know is they would not be in nearly as good a position.

Companies are made of people and all too often it’s the company itself and/or its founders who get to reap the credit for innovations produced. 

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet OS 2.0 Details

September 16th, 2011

Today i  just read the news about RIM’s Q2 2012 earnings call. It says that something deserved some spotlight, that being Tablet OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM made details for Tablet OS 2.0 official and said the launch will happen in the coming months. Here’s a bit of what the new version will include:

  • Built-in native email and PIM
  • Robust enterprise features like BlackBerry Balance
  • Android App player
  • BlackBerry Video store with 10,000 movies, TV shows to buy, rent, same-day release as DVD and HDMI output to a TV
  • New gaming, major media and productivity apps

Tablet OS 2.0 for the PlayBook will be demoed at DevCon next month so expect to see more details and maybe some photos/video soon!

We’d like to share something more about it.

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