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5 Things RIM Has Done Right

November 28th, 2011

It’s common for media to lambaste RIM and its smartphones and tablet. The company does deserve some of the criticism it receives, but what’s strange is that it doesn’t receive any credit where it’s due. Here are 5 areas where we believe RIM should get more recognition.

1. NFC - With the latest BlackBerry 7 devices, RIM has made a firm commitment to NFC. There are several devices in RIM’s current portfolio that have support for NFC and the company has been put on record saying there will be many more. In order for all of us to take advantage of mobile payments, merchants need to know that there are enough users out there to warrant the cost and effort of implementing. If smartphone manufacturers don’t invest and bet on this technology, it will never happen. NFC is a chicken and the egg type of problem and RIM is the chicken. I’m not sure if that makes sense but you get what I’m saying.

2. Enterprise - There is a major change in the way enterprise views mobile. It’s called employee liable versus corporate liable devices and there is a growing number of the former entering the workplace. RIM sees this shift and has created a unique BES feature called BlackBerry balance that extends to both the smartphone and tablet. Because of RIM, employees can download apps and be a part of the mobile scene, without compromising the company’s data.

3. Efficiency - You can write an email to someone faster from a BlackBerry than other smartphones. With keyboard shortcuts, universal search and the best keyboard on the planet, a BlackBerry is hands-down the most efficient smartphone. There’s a lot RIM needs to be doing but with regards to making our lives more productive RIM needs not change anything.

4. Openness - RIM has made some great commitments to open source projects and even has a github page over at There are several ways to make apps for BlackBerry these days including HTHML5, Adobe Flash, Java and C.

5. First Party Apps – BlackBerry Traffic, Twitter, Protect and Maps are all great applications. RIM is unique in its ability to own the hardware and churn out a suite of apps that set the bar high for not just other developers, but for the industry.

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