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HootSuite for BlackBerry Updated with Support for Twitter, LinkedIn, 4SQ and Facebook

March 4th, 2011

Hootsuite HootSuite for BlackBerry App has been updated with support for even more social tasks with additional social networks and more ways to interact with your followers.

Here are the updates in the latest version of HootSuite for BlackBerry:

  • LinkedIn: Add your account (on OS5 and OS6) or import from HootSuite web and view news updates and profiles
  • Foursquare: Comments on check-ins from your friends
  • Facebook: Add Pages directly from your handset, plus view events and search
  • Twitter:
    • Favoriting: Add faves from the stream or by individual messages
    • Friends: Choose recently-replied-to contacts in Compose screen plus see friendship status
    • Posting: Reply-all for Tweets + see network icons overlaid on avatars
    • Lists: Create and manage Twitter lists including following and viewing
  • Plus: performance updates, bug fixes including improvements to account import, increased network connection reliability, and changes message stream gap handling

For more info and to download HootSuite for BlackBerry, head to

Facebook for BlackBerry Officially Updated to Version

March 3rd, 2011

Facebook RIM has officially upgraded Facebook for BlackBerry to version with fixing some issues that were raised. The latest update includes:

Email Notification Improvements
Previously, if you turned on email notifications using the website, then logged out and logged back into Facebook on your BlackBerry smartphone, your email notification settings would be turned off.

Now, with Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, email notifications are left enabled if you change email notification settings using, then log out and log back in to Facebook on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Background Polling
Previously, if you set the background polling option to Never, then logged out and logged back into Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, the polling setting would be set to 10 minutes instead of Never. This issue has been corrected so the background polling option will remain at the Never setting.

Photo Upload Freeze Fix
In the past, users may have seen their BlackBerry smartphone freeze when sending a photo to Facebook from the Media folder on their BlackBerry smartphone. This issue has been corrected by this maintenance release so no further freezing should occur.

For more information, visit Inside BlackBerry Help Blog.

Download Facebook for BlackBerry, go to, or download it directly from BlackBerry App World.

Leaked OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 & 9780

January 25th, 2011

00 BlackBerry OS has been leaked for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780. If you are interested, you can give a try. And don’t forget to read below OS disclaimer and back up your device before upgrading. A newer version of FaceBook is also coming with this release.

OS DISCLAIMER: Since this is NOT an official release and it is not supported by RIM or your Wireless Carrier when there is any problem of the leaked software, so please install at your own risk. Before upgrading, it is highly recommended that you make a backup before using this software. If you are not comfortable using the Beta software you’d better wait for the next official release.

Download OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700

Download OS for BlackBerry Bold 9780