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Blah Theme for BlackBerry

May 9th, 2010

banner_blah Blah theme had been a favorite among many people on a couple of sites I had posted it on. And now it is available on TWP! Show off your favorite wallpaper with style!

6 hidden icons on home screen
Hidden today area
Click on time for clock
Transitions throughout
No carrier
Very wallpaper friendy

OTA 9700

OTA 9600 4.7

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Blackberry Girl Theme

May 6th, 2010

blackberry_girl_banner A very wallpaper friendly theme for the girls. Smooth purple and pink accents envelope your Blackberry on this theme. Themes of this kind are a bit hard to find so download it for free right now!

  • 6 hidden customizable icons on homescreen
  • Click the # 0 to bring the dock down and z to bring it back up
  • No carrier
  • Transitions throughout
  • Wallpaper friendly

    OTA 9700   OTA 9600 4.7   OTA 9000 4.6   OTA 9000 5.0   OTA 8900 4.6

Free Themes for BlackBerry Touchscreen

May 4th, 2010

Hope_tree2_for_web This is a much updated version of a Storm theme it was created last fall….I like this one so much better. Enjoy. Hope Tree version 2. This is a very good looking theme. It features 4 user defined icons on the top of your homescreen, weather slot, hotspots, and a slider along the bottom that holds 10 more icons. The theme is simple, classy, and will look great with any of your favorite wallpapers. You can pick it up for your 95xx device via OTA.

Free Themes for BlackBerry Touchscreen

April 28th, 2010

zelda-home This theme originally created by minicoop883. I wasted hours as a kid playing the original Zelda series. This is a novel touch to the stock Precision Zen theme, with a few extra custom icons from the game, and some sweet custom meters modeled after the life and rupee meters from the game. If you were as much of an addict to these games as I was, you’ll definitely want to check this out. Available OTA from the thread below. Hope you enjoy here. Download this free theme for BlackBerry from OTA