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Free Theme for Touchscreen BlackBerry

March 16th, 2010

roxyberry This one is a bit of a leftover from last week’s roundup of girly themes. My girlfriend came across this one while cruising the forums, and promptly had my load it on the Storm for her. She was so insistent that it should be included in the roundup, I took a look for myself. I have had the opportunity in the past to run a few of SadosDemetrios’s themes, and the man knows his way around a theme. With eye-popping color, laid out beautifully on the homescreen, this theme looks sweet right from the install. Getting further into it, the attention to detail and polish of the theme really start to shine. Six icons form an L on the homescreen, and custom icons, highlights and banners run throughout. If you’re really looking to change things up with a well put-together theme, check it out OTA


Free Digi theme for BlackBerry 8900

October 7th, 2009

image image

image image

Digi is a new, all custom, theme from BerryThemes. A slick "digital" look and feel with a brushed metal interface screen that persists even when you change the background.

  • -All custom interface, brushed metal texture
  • -User customizable icon order
  • -Animated Icons
  • -User customizable wallpaper

Minimum Requirements:

  • Data Plan (This means email and internet access from your Blackberry)
  • Desktop Software for loading applications to your Blackberry

OTA Download: Click here

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Free DashboardOne Theme For The BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold And Tour

September 12th, 2009

Persnoally I am using a BB Curve 8900. And I love looking for fantastic themes for it. Today I get some from Blackberryrocks – DashboardOne theme.

    dashboard-blackberry-theme-2-300x200          dashboard-blackberry-theme-300x200

The DashboardOne theme was made by CB member redzapper and sports some nice features:

  • Hidden today plus
  • Hidden top icon dock
  • Fixed bottom banner dock with analog gauge design
  • Analog-style battery meter an signal meter
  • Center banner slot for your favorite icon – MemoryUp Pro, NetworkAcc, etc. Your FIRST icon will be displayed here
  • ‘Flight’ gauge for QuickLaunch (not included, must purchase separately)
  • All banner gauges are clickable! Battery gauge powers off, signal meter brings up ‘Manage Connections’

DashboardOne is currently available for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold and Tour for FREE!

Free X1 And X1 zEdition Themes For The BlackBerry Storm

September 12th, 2009

Many BB Storm users have contacted us and asked about the free themes for them. Ok, hereafter are the free themes for you. :)

Here are two great looking themes for the BlackBerry Storm called X1 and X1 zEdition.

             x1-blackberry-storm-theme-2                X1zEdition05

1. X1 theme features:

  • clean and easily readable home screen
  • 10 icon scaling dock (use + or – to show/hide)
  • 10 item hidden today (access by pressing calendar button)
  • hidden buttons for profile, media, clock, mail, manage connections, apps screen, options, contacts, QuickLaunch (in addition to the calendar button)
  • bouncing icons in dock
  • fully skinned icons
  • blue or white color background for messages, contacts, call log
  • easily readable battery meter/custom fan signal meter
  • all buttons on home screen light up on touch
  • full dialpad
  • custom focus/move icons
  • enlarged text on menu selection
  • good speed in transitions
  • .151 compatible

2. X1 zEdition has a hidden dock accessible through the + button, bringing 8 other icons in, while the – button hides all the icons.

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