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Make Your Life More Easier with Free Application-Personal Assistant

September 18th, 2009

Are you still bothered by the rough-and-tumble stuff everyday? Do your want to enjoy a easier and more convenivent life? Why not try to use Personal Assistant to manage your life and work? Please Look the following:


10 essential life management applications in one great app: 

1 >    Credit card control
>    Bank account status
>    Investment portfolio
>    Mobile minute tracker
>    Frequent flyer miles
>    Travel itineraries
>    Shopping management
>    Bill management
>    Netflix queue
>    Alerts


Personal Assistant developed by Pageonce, Inc. enables you to monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track cell minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles, view your Netflix queue and online shopping accounts. Accounts update automatically so you have no need to manually input any data.

Manage accounts such as : Bloomberg, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Southwest, Comcast, AT& T, Blockbuster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Skype and thousands more.

Pageonce adheres to the highest standards in security in order to keep your data private and secure. Personal Assistant uses 128 bit SSL encryption and is insured by a top 10 A+ rated insurance carrier.

Lost your BlackBerry?
Use Remote Data Destruct via your account at and disable access of account information from the missing device by deleting all account connections. I would recommend not saving your password for this app incase your phone gets lost.





        Get it now!!!

Free Thems for BlackBerry 8900 Recommended

September 17th, 2009

I always change my BB themes, which makes me feel very great and  fashable. Some awesome themes have been popping up all day today for BlackBerry Curve 8900. Here are a few more for the Curve 8900.Following are a number of free BlackBerry 8900 themes I like,  hoping you will enjoy! These free themes are from the bbworld website, here recommend several of my own likes.

Free BlackBerry Themes – Free BlackBerry 8900 Themes Pictures
free 8900 L-Stock theme
L-Stock Theme OTA Download

free 8900 Blue Wood theme
Blue Wood Theme OTA Download

new 8900 ComBox v3 theme
ComBox v3 Theme OTA Download

Recently, ‘hello kitty’ Theme for the 8900 also  available at Themes4bb for FREE. You can check here. 

I will continue to update the themes. Hope you will enjoy!

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