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ISP Internet Outage On November 7 Did Not Affect BlackBerry Infrastructure

November 8th, 2011

Today we think that after the recent meltdown of RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Service, I’m sure those of you that experienced an outage today were quick to point the finger them. If you did, you blamed the wrong service. According to an official statement from RIM, the outage was a global issue that affects Internet Service Providers (ISPs) but did not have an affect on the BlackBerry infrastructure:

There was a global Internet issue this morning that impacted a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure was not impacted however, some customers may have experienced delays with their ISP. RIM continues to monitor the situation.

There you have it. Were you affected by this outage? Any comment on this would be much appreciated.