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The Story of A BB Community Manager

June 27th, 2011



If you want to learn what is a Community Manager? I think from the following story, you will be suddenly enlightened.Perhaps there are many people have read the story of this person who named Mitchell S. After reading Mitchell story. I would like to share this story with more people.

Mitchell has a day life of working as one member of Social Media team at Research In Motion® (RIM®). As we all know, the Social Media team at Research In Motion® (RIM®) is always working diligently to provide you people with latest information about new products, upcoming events, and maybe the most important thing: giveaways!

His favorite thing is to see pictures fans submit that they have taken on a BlackBerry device.

Regarding a daily routine, Mitchell S usually starts a day by do a nice amazing tiny at the gym which is located in right across the street from his office building. After that, he often heads to his wonderful cubicle with an assortment of personalized items – one of which is a big tub of protein powder. People will know this possibly has no surprise.

Every the day, at the first hours in the morning, Mitchell S often gives a glance at such interpersonal mass media channels as Facebook,Twitter. Because he wants to find the eyesight from this interpersonal mass media channels and creates possibilities to communicate with BlackBerry Team. You maybe do not believe it that he often makes an effort to preserve a pulse concerning the neighborhood by identifying subjects of interest, ensuring that individuals are getting assisted by their near friends at BlackBerryHelp.

From Mitchell’s story, people will more learn about the BlackBerry Team’s team service. Of course, perhaps there will more people like BB as well as BB Apps.