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Video: First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Finally Hits The Air!

April 26th, 2011

Finally, we saw a BlackBerry PlayBook commercial hitting the air after it launched for a week. It seems that this 30-Second commercial is the first advertisement of the device, it does show us much of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s portability and power. It looks pretty good, and is worth of watching for anyone that wants to buy a PlayBook Tablet. Enjoy it!

RIM Posted New BlackBerry Playbook Video to Show Off Its Great Multimedia Capabilities

January 4th, 2011


RIM posted a new video to show off new BlackBerry Book’s multimedia, games and social networking capabilities. The video lasts for over 3 minutes, and has greatly demonstrated the PlayBook’s rich web video content using both HTML5 and Adobe Flash, and social networking with Facebook Chat, Facebook Flash games and viewing embedded content in your News Feed. It sounds much easily and smoothly to browse through the web with the BlackBerry Tablet PlayBook without any issue.

It sounds to be a really wonderful experience by using PlayBook, I cannot wait any more and just want the PlayBook right now!