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Images of BlackBerry Pearl 9105 with T9 keypad emerge

April 19th, 2010

bb9105 Newly leaked images seem to confirm that the BlackBerry Pearl 9105 will indeed sport a T9 keypad rather than a hardware QWERTY keyboard usually found on BlackBerry handsets. The images of the device mirror the render nearly identically, though the configuration settings in Input Options are unchanged from those of the current Pearl and Pearl Flip.

The device was originally believed to be offered only in Europe as soon as May or June, but the device may also arrive in the US, according to this latest report.

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RIM ordering 8.9-inch screens for BlackBerry tablet?

April 12th, 2010

blackberrystorm2-review12sm RIM may be developing a tablet of its own, based on claims by an industry research firm. Checks in the supply chain have led the analysts to believe that RIM is ordering an 8.9-inch tablet from Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn) that would be ready to ship by the summer or fall of this year. Whether it would use the BlackBerry OS itself isn’t known, but it may have ad-supported content playback and use both 3G and Wi-Fi to sync with a BlackBerry smartphone.

The note given to CrackBerry doesn’t say much more, and the device may be a companion product rather than a full-fledged tablet. However, it does come just as RIM has bought out QNX, a veteran of embedded OS development that will help make a mystery set of "intelligent peripherals" in the future.

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Jing Realm Themes From MMMOOO

April 11th, 2010

Capture-on-04-09-2010-23-45-15 The theme I’m going to highlight is by one of my favorite designers from MMMOOO. It’s called Jing Realm-Art Hidden Menu Theme. I love how the GPS and the clock are hidden in the art, and how it looks like the art has a shadow behind it. The description is as follows:

Unique & Best in Art Character Style Themes. Traditional Chinese brush drawing as homescreen, those two characters means our strength is in quietness and trust. Reminding us seeking for peace and wisdom even in busy time.

SVG Art Hidden Menu gives you an ultra view to enjoy the nice homescreen, still with quick accessing shortcut icons.

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Updated: Ringo Lights up your BlackBerry

April 8th, 2010

ringologo A short time ago, Ringo ringtone application has been recently updated. Originally, a user could create custom tones to alert them of incoming calls, email or SMS. With this new update, Ringo now allows you to customize a flashing LED notification, allowing for audible and visual alerts. This is a great addition, as some users want to set their phone to silent, but still receive notifications. The main features include:

  • Easily use your own MP3 music as ringtones and message alerts
  • Set unique ringtones for each of your friends

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Official WES 2010 Mobile Guide App – Now Available from App World

April 6th, 2010

wes-2010-app-125x125 RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2010 is getting really close, and we expect to see big announcements this year. To get ready for WES, RIM has just launched the official WES Mobile Guide in BlackBerry App World. This App will be your connection to the latest news, events, and it even syncs with your calender. You can download it from BlackBerry App World or by visiting this link on your PC.

Tumblr for BlackBerry: Video Bug but Overall Quality App

April 5th, 2010

official_tumblr_app Recently, Tumblr released the first official version of its Blackberry app, and as a Tumblr user myself, I thought I would give it a review.

First, the visuals. Those familiar with Tumblr’s iPhone app will feel at home. From desaturated blue to light gray, Tumblr’s color scheme looks good on my 9700’s bright screen.

On the main menu, there are the usual options for sending data to Tumblr: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video, each with icons identical to Tumbr’s web site. Access to each of these menus is accompanied by smooth, wipe transitions. In the upper left-hand corner, users can access their Tumblr dashboards, and in the upper right-hand, settings.

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Vote for the BlackBerry Tour to Take Down the Motorola Droid!

April 2nd, 2010

androidkneetotheballs After the BlackBerry Bold 9700 took an embarrassingly close loss to the Palm Pre Plus in the last round of Laptop’s Smartphone March Madness, today it’s the BlackBerry Tour going up against the Motorola Droid. The BlackBerry Tour already managed to knock out the Apple iPhone 3GS, which the bookies had favorited to make the finals, so the Tour has momentum going into this battle though it’s trailing a little as I put this post live. BlackBerry lovers cast your vote for the Tour above and let’s bring that Droid to the ground!

For more information, please visit crackberry Here

The Hockey News for BlackBerry Launches VIP Mobile with In-App Alerts

March 28th, 2010

Capture1_56_400 The Hockey News has announced that they’ll be beefing up their service and offering in-app and text message alerts. The Hockey News app has been available for BlackBerry for a while now, but users looking to get more from the app may wish to sign up for the new VIP service. For $2/month, you can sign up to receive alerts in the THN application during games, where you will receive reminders as pop-up alerts when running the application. Users can also sign up to receive text message alerts if they prefer. Sadly the BlackBerry version won’t include the additional mobile video thats included in the iPhone version (surprise). For more information, check out The Hockey News in BlackBerry App World. Read the full press release after the jump.

Google Search Updated to v3.6.13; Google Sync Updated to v0.7.2

March 25th, 2010

google-mobile-app-blackberry-email-search I guess Google likes to kick out all of their updates at once. Yesterday we noted that the Google Voice app had been updated, and it appears that both the Google Search and Google Sync got a jump as well. The Google Search app now sits at version 3.6.13 and is said to be working on the Storm now. This app lets you easily search mail and contacts on your device. The Google Sync app has been updated to 0.7.2. No word of whats new, but as in the case of the others, most likely just some minor bug fixes. Hit the links below from your device to download.

Xobni Mobile Released for BlackBerry Smartphones

March 18th, 2010

mobile_bb_screens The biggest buzz around the BlackBerry world today revolved around an application called Xobni.  Xobni – “inbox” spelled backwards – is an innovative new way to manage your contacts both on your BlackBerry and through Microsoft Outlook on your PC. While the Outlook plugin is not new, the mobile version released today is a first for the company.

I think a lot of people wonder why you would need another application to handle your contacts, when your BlackBerry comes with an address book pre-installed. Xobni is more than just another list you manually create with names, phone numbers and email addresses. The application actually scans the emails, SMS messages, and call logs on your BlackBerry and compiles all of the contact information it finds into a very easy to use database. It’s really amazing how it works, drawing out information you may not have realized you had. As new emails and calls come in to your BlackBerry, Xobni automatically adds them to the database, so you never have to worry about losing that important phone number or email address again.  Contacts are sorted based on the frequency that you use them, so your most important contacts are always listed first.